WZ-120G FT – the new-old premium tank in World of Tanks

WZ-120G FT (China, PT-9, premium) we show repeatedly due to requests.
This tank has no unique mechanics, but has a good DPM and at the same time premium status of the tank of the 9th level.

The tank first hit the supertest in March 2017. It was the FIRST premium level 9 tank in the game and immediately a PT. Subsequently, the tank only went on sale in the Chinese region as an exclusive. After so many years, it comes out in the other regions, but not without problems.
Technical price of the tank in the Gold is the highest level: 19,700 gold.
This machine does not farm boons in battle.

Characteristics and appearance in front of you.

WZ-120G FT is a design of anti-tank self-propelled machine based on the Chinese medium tank WZ-120. Work on the new machine was conducted in the early 1960s. The project called for maximum unification of parts and units with the base tank. The works on the machine were folded in favor of other advanced projects.

Crew of 4 persons: Commander (Radioman); Gunner; Driver Mechanic; Loader.
Role in combat: All-purpose PAT
Special equipment category: Firepower.

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