WoT Trade-In Event: Replace Dust Collectors with Shiny New Beauties


The Vehicle Trade-In option is available again. Don’t miss your chance to replace veteran vehicles with new recruits, and save a ton on the gold purchase price.

From January 26 at 06:00 CET through February 1 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1), speedy light tanks, versatile mediums, hard-hitting heavies, and stealthy TDs can be yours by trading in a Premium vehicle from your current collection.

Select one of the eligible Tier VI–VIII Premium vehicles, and half of your old tank’s gold value will be deducted from the price of your new one. You can find the list of eligible tanks via the in-game STORE and TECH TREE tabs.

Use the exchange calculator to see how much you can save.

Trade-In: Eligibility

Trade in any Tier VI–VIII Premium vehicle.

This option is available when purchasing any new Premium vehicle of the same tier or higher that is also available in the Tech Tree. You can only trade in one vehicle at a time.

Get half of your old vehicle’s value in gold.

When trading in, half of your old vehicle’s value in gold will be discounted from the price of your new vehicle.

New additions for purchase:

  • VIIIS-2
  • VIIISU-122S
  • VIIISomua SM
  • VIIITurtle Mk. I
  • VIIIVK 75.01 (K)

For example: You can purchase a VIIILöwe for 9,800 gold (previously 11,200 gold) in exchange for a VIDicker Max (2,800 gold).

Vehicles Available For Purchase


  • VIAC 4 Experimental
  • VIDicker Max
  • VIHeavy Tank No. VI
  • VIPudel
  • VISherman VC Firefly
  • VIŠkoda T 40
  • VIStrv m/42-57 Alt A.2
  • VISU-100Y
  • VIT-34-85M
  • VIType 64


  • VIIAT 15A
  • VIIFV201 (A45)
  • VIIIS-2
  • VIIIS-2M
  • VIIISU-122S
  • VIIKrupp-Steyr Waffenträger
  • VIIKV-122
  • VIIM56 Scorpion
  • VIIPanther/M10
  • VIISU-122-44
  • VIIT26E3 Eagle 7
  • VIIVK 45.03


  • VIIISomua SM — NEW
  • VIIITurtle Mk. I — NEW
  • VIIIVK 75.01 (K) — NEW
  • VIII112
  • VIII50TP prototyp
  • VIIIAMX Canon d’assaut 105
  • VIIIAMX M4 mle. 49
  • VIIICaernarvon Action X
  • VIIIChrysler K
  • VIIIFV4202
  • VIIIHWK 30
  • VIIIIS-6
  • VIIIKanonenjagdpanzer 105
  • VIIILöwe
  • VIIIM4A1 Revalorisé
  • VIIIM48A2 Räumpanzer
  • VIIIŠkoda T 27
  • VIIIStrv S1
  • VIIIT-103
  • VIIIT26E4 SuperPershing
  • VIIIT26E5
  • VIIIT-54 first prototype
  • VIIIT92
  • VIIIWZ-120-1G FT
  Screenshots of the Char Mle. 75 from update 1.18.1 in World of Tanks

Important to Remember

  • Event dates
    The Trade-In event will run from January 26 at 06:00 CET through February 1 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).
  • Trade in Tiers VI–X
    You can only trade in vehicles from a lower or equal tier to the vehicle you want to purchase (no lower than Tier VI).
  • Only one vehicle
    You can only trade in one vehicle per transaction.
  • Gold value fluctuation
    The gold value of vehicles may be affected by active discounts on Premium vehicles.
  • Storage in the Depot
    Ammunition, equipment, consumables, and customizations will be automatically demounted from the vehicle being traded in, then placed in the Depot for free.
  • Future customizations
    Vehicle-bound customizations can only be used if you obtain the vehicle again in the future.
  • Vehicle crews to Barracks
    The crew present in the vehicle being traded in will be placed in the Barracks automatically. You will not be able to trade in your vehicle if there are not enough free bunks in the Barracks to accommodate them.
  • Unable to restore
    Traded-in vehicles cannot be restored with the Restore functionality.
  • Garage slots
    You don’t need to buy an extra Garage slot when trading in a vehicle. The new vehicle will be placed in the slot previously occupied by the vehicle you’ve traded in.

How to Trade In Vehicles

Via the In-Game Store

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To receive these signup bonuses, players need to create a new account and follow the instructions provided during the signup process. It's important to note that signup bonuses can vary depending on the region and time of signup, so players should check the game's official website or in-game notifications for the latest offers.

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