WoT: The War Gods Are Coming to the Global Map

The War Gods event is coming to the Global Map from February 13 to February 27. You already know what‘s on the plate: pride and tactics, glory and team spirit, some crafting, and awesome prizes. And, of course, don’t forget about the auction. Plus, there’s a newcomer in the roster of reward vehicles that you won’t want to miss. This will be an event fit for the gods!

War Gods

From February 13, 2023, at 09:00 CET
through February 27, 2023, at 09:00 CET (UTC+1)

The 116-F3

It’s been some time since we had a brand-new Tier X reward vehicle for Global Map. So, let‘s welcome the 116-F3!

This well-armored hard-hitter from China boasts decent mobility and a remarkable top reverse speed. Moreover, it has a high-caliber gun with an autoloader for three shells that’s capable of delivering 530 points of damage per shot. As you can probably tell, the 116-F3 is well-suited for offensive play.

The Reward Vehicles

Here is the entire list of fine machines that will be given to the best performers and top auction bidders:


XCarro da Combattimento 45 t



XObject 907

XVK 72.01 (K)


10,000 vehicles will be given to players who earn a position in the event’s Personal Leaderboard. Plus, 6,000 reward vehicles will be put on the auction.

Players can only select vehicles they don’t already own.

The Prospector 2D Style

This 2D style will be given to the top 10% of players on the Personal Leaderboard, and will remain exclusive to the best Global Map participants for a certain amount of time.

  The Wrath of the Emperor 2D style for the WOT 2022 Summer Auction

The Workshop

A couple of trusty Tier VIII vehicles, a piece of improved equipment, and the usual Permit to Vehicle Auction will be available for production in the Workshop.

VIIIIS-5 (Object 730)


 Increased Shell Resistance

 Permit to Vehicle Auction

The Vehicle Auction

At the end of the event, you will gain access to the Vehicle Auction with the permit you produced in the Workshop. This permit is produced instantly, without affecting the concurrent production of other vehicles or equipment. Once you receive your permit, or when the event ends, permits will no longer be available for production.

The Rules of War

War Gods follows the traditional Global Map rules:

  • Battles will be fought in the 15v15 format in Tier X vehicles.
  • Experimental modules will be allowed on vehicles of any type.
  • Clans will earn Fame Points both in battles and for strategic decisions made by commanders.
  • The playing field will be divided into three fronts. Each of them will be a unique size and feature different bonuses and a specific pool of Fame Points. The commander’s task will be to develop and implement a strategy to achieve the clan’s goals.
  • The clan’s Fame Points will be distributed by its commander. They can also be saved up, or spent in the Laboratory for various bonuses that provide strategic advantages or increase the speed at which Fame Points are earned.
  • Clan fighters will receive personal Fame Points to redeem personal rewards.
  • Personal Fame Points will be distributed equally between the participants of every battle in which their team destroys five or more enemy vehicles.
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Personal Rewards

Every participant of the War Gods event will be able to reap rewards by visiting the Personal Fame Points shop. Among the rich selection of prizes available, you’ll find bonds, female crew members, Crew Books, days of WoT Premium Account, credits, Personal Reserves, and six styles.

Two 3D styles will be on offer:

  • Krait for Xthe 121B
  • Graphite for Xthe Object 907

The four 2D styles that fit any vehicle all belong to the “Warriors” series:

  • Warrior of the North
  • Warrior of the East
  • Warrior of the South
  • Warrior of the West

Clan Rewards

The event reward pool will be 8,400,000 gold

Depending on your clan’s position in the Alley of Fame, you can get a multiplier of up to ×7 to your personal bond reward. For finishing among the top 1% of players on the Personal Leaderboard and being a member of a clan in the top 1% of clans at the end of the event, you will receive the Global Map Legend badge and six themed decals.

Make your clan part of the War Gods pantheon, Commanders!

World of Tanks offers various signup bonuses to new players, which can include:

Free Tanks: New players can receive free tanks by completing certain missions or by using a referral link from an existing player.

Premium Time: New players can receive a certain amount of free Premium Account time, which provides various bonuses, including increased XP and credit earnings, discounts on tanks and equipment, and more.

Bonus Credits: New players can receive bonus credits to help them get started in the game.

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Personal Reserves: New players can receive Personal Reserves, which provide bonuses to XP or credit earnings for a set amount of time.

To receive these signup bonuses, players need to create a new account and follow the instructions provided during the signup process. It's important to note that signup bonuses can vary depending on the region and time of signup, so players should check the game's official website or in-game notifications for the latest offers.

Additionally, new players can take advantage of various tutorials and training modes available in the game to help them learn the basics of tank combat and improve their skills. These tutorials can also provide additional bonuses and rewards for completing certain objectives.

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