WoT Supertest: GSOR 1010 FB

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A new branch of British wheeled medium tanks is being prepared for release by the WoT team.

The game concept of the new branch: Lightly armored mobile wheeled medium tanks with a large Silhouette. The wheeled suspension ensures excellent dynamics.  To ensure the highest level of mobility, the hulls of these vehicles have been made lighter, and they basically carry no armor. However, they will be equipped with guns that boast great gun handling and damage per shot parameters, as well as decent dispersion and aiming time values.

The first representative of the new vehicle branch coming to the Supertest will be the GSOR 1010 FB, a Premium vehicle. This tank possesses all the main features of the upcoming British branch: good gun handling parameters, excellent mobility, and the new wheeled suspension.

The vehicle is equipped with a 105 mm gun that fires every 12.2 s. The penetration value of the standard shell is 218 mm, while the special shell penetrates 252 mm. Both cause 360 HP of damage. The gun dispersion is 0.33 m, and the aiming time is 2.1 s.

The frontal protection of the vehicle’s armor reaches 18 mm. The vehicle’s top speed is 60 km/h, while its specific power is 23.7 h.p./t. The tank’s durability is 1,300 HP, and its view range is 390 m.

Features of wheeled medium tanks

The new wheeled mediums combine the main features of both the French wheeled scouts and classic tracked vehicles.

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The strong point of the new British mediums ensures their excellent dynamics and allows building up high forward and reverse speeds. This should help them take key positions on maps during the first stage of battle. In terms of mobility, these vehicles fall short of the wheeled scouts, so their Commanders will have to consider their escape routes in advance.

The design specifics of the wheel suspension for these medium tanks allow them to turn on the spot and to turn the hull at low speed. This is one of their main differences from the wheeled light tanks. However, the British mediums have significantly worse maneuverability than the French wheeled scouts at medium and high speeds. In other words, you will not be able to change movement direction quickly at high speed (as in the EBR). It will not take much time to get used to such behavior, though—many vehicles in the game behave the same, such as the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t. Also, control of these vehicles in close combat will be intuitively simple and won’t require additional skills (which are usually needed when playing wheeled vehicles).

Commanders of the new mediums should also consider their bigger dimensions and worse concealment compared to the wheeled light tanks. Although excellent mobility and a good view range may allow for active scouting in certain combat situations, the new medium tanks will not be able to play the role of full-fledged scouts.

If you would like to share your thoughts on the above tanks, please use the following questionnaire!

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