WoT: “Steppes” – History of creation, statistics, strategies

Steppes is one of the most recognizable summer maps. This location is distinguished by an abundance of open space, which makes it possible to concentrate forces in different directions, depending on the style of play: You can either get to the enemy base along the road in the center of the map or focus on flanking bypasses and strikes.

We will tell you about the history of the map, interesting facts and the most common action strategies.

Screenshots of early versions of the map:

History of creation

The creators’ plans included a mountain-steppe setting, something intermediate between the desert and European forests, the early version of the map looks close to the Don or the Volga region – this is a collective image of natural conditions and terrain.

After painstaking work, the location was added in update 0.6.4.

As the creators said, it was not easy to combine a “large open space” and a comfortable game on each class of vehicle. The traditional method came to the rescue – dividing the location by relief in height with lowlands, stones and vegetation.

We can safely say that a colossal work has been done on the zoning of the playing field of battle:

  • Part of the map is an empty space, the so-called “death field”, but this does not prevent vehicles of all five classes from moving freely and taking positions throughout the location.
  • Players have several positions to defend bases – passing through the center and areas along the edges of the map, where the main forces of the teams operate.
  • Light tanks (unlike, for example, Malinovka) after the “first light” have the opportunity to carry away the tracks, and not go to the hangar.
  • There are opportunities for “secret approaches” to positions near the bases under the cover of ridges, terrain and the central passage. The latter will be especially relevant in the later stages of the battle.
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Thus, the meetings of the opposing teams are divided into several slightly isolated small battles and their outcome is quite variable. All these principles were retained for Steppes even after the map was remastered in HD. The location has retained its appearance, albeit with some changes.

“Heat Maps”

“Heat maps” is a code name for a gaming activity monitoring tool.

  • Standard battle. Traveling
  • Standard battle. Positions held
  • Standard battle. Shooting map
  • Standard battle. Positions of death
  • Encounter battle. Traveling
  • Encounter battle. Positions held
  • Encounter battle. Shooting map
  • Encounter battle. Positions of death

“Heatmap in the Standard battle sub-mode”

The directions of passing vehicles of both teams in submode, position, and also the point where the movement ends.

“Map of occupied positions in the Standard battle sub-mode”

The points where players usually take positions when playing a sub-mode are indicated. On such maps, the features of the actions of the players are clearly visible.

“Map of shots in the Standard battle sub-mode”

The shooting directions of the players of both teams and positions from which it is conducted.

“Map of positions and places of “deaths” in the Standard battle sub-mode”

“Journey map in the Encounter battle sub-mode”

The directions of passing vehicles of both teams in submode, position, and also the point where the movement ends.

“Map of occupied positions in the Encounter battle sub-mode”

The points where players usually take positions when playing the sub-mode are indicated.

“Map of shots in the Encounter battle sub-mode”

The shooting directions of the players of both teams in submode and positions from which it is conducted.

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“Map of positions and places of “deaths” in the Encounter battle sub-mode”

Statistics and interesting facts

Some interesting facts and figures * for a year of active battles on the map.

Damage and shots:

Actions / in units damage HT MT LT TD SPG
Maximum recorded damage inflicted by class in battle 13 861 15 566 11 362 14 259 6 205
Average damage per battle by vehicle class (for Tier IV–X vehicles) 901 718 311 858 672
Average number of shots per battle 7.68 11.06 24.45 8.1 8.66
Max damage with assist (including all actions) 11 454 10 422 12 871 9991 8 300
Total number of shots for the selected period ** more than
81 million
more than
135 million
more than
340 million
more than
74 million
more than
25 million

How many “epic” achievements were received by all players during the year of battles on the map?

  • Raseiniai Heroes Medal – 20;
  • Kolobanov medal – 12,488;
  • Pool Medal – 1,412;
  • Radley-Walters Medal – 26,797.

How many meters do tanks travel in a battle?

Distances on average in meters that types of vehicles pass 1121 1244 1207 1019 412

Interesting Facts:

  • The map is technically “number 35” in the game;
  • The “Dora” Super Heavy Railway Gun is placed on the map;
  • “Steppes” – on the 42nd place in terms of adding to the exceptions among the players;
  • The maximum number of platoons in a battle on the map is 8 platoons;
  • The maximum number of detections by one player is 15 vehicles (value obtained on LT and MT).
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*  For vehicles of all levels and classes.

** All battles counted, regardless of the tier and class of the vehicle. The analyzed period was selected from 01/13/2022 to 01/13/2023.

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