WoT ST: UDES 03 Alt 3

Like other high-tier Swedish medium tanks, this vehicle is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension that allows you to tilt its hull. The standard gun depression angle is –7 degrees; however, with the hydropneumatic suspension, this value increases to –13 degrees. The hydropneumatic suspension is activated automatically.

The vehicle is equipped with a three-shell magazine loading system. Each shell deals 360 HP of damage, and the gun has an accuracy of 0.33 m. The aiming time is 2 s. The penetration value of the standard shell is 252 mm, and the special shell can penetrate as much as 284 mm. The magazine reload time is 23 s, and the reload time between shells in the magazine is 3 s. The vehicle’s view range is 390 m.

The armor thickness in the turret front reaches 66 mm. The vehicle has a specific power of 21.7 h.p./t that enables it to reach speeds up to 65 km/h. The vehicle’s total durability is 1,600 HP.

The gameplay of the UDES 03 Alt 3 resembles that of other Swedish medium tanks. The low profile, hydropneumatic suspension, decent gun handling parameters, and three-shell magazine allow this vehicle to fulfill the same objectives as other medium tanks, but with its own unique features.

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