WoT ST: ST-62 Version II

ST-62 Version II (USSR, Tier-9, LT)

The ST-62 Version II is a representative of Tier IX light tanks from the Soviet Tech Tree. It is equipped with a 100 mm three-shell reverse autoreloader gun (similar to that of the IS-3A). The damage per shot is 300 HP. It has 221 mm of armor penetration with standard shells and 270 mm with special shells. The reload time is 16/13/9 s, and aiming time is 2.5 s. Gun dispersion at 100 m is 0.38 m. The thickness of the armor plates in the frontal projection of the turret reaches 190 mm, while the hull has 80 mm. The light tank has a total of 1,250 HP. Its top speed is 65 km/h, and its specific power is 31.6 h.p./t. It has a view range of 390 m. The good maneuverability and its 100 mm gun with along with reverse autoreloading mechanism will allow you to inflict serious damage to enemy vehicles.

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