WoT ST: Ho-Ri 3

The Ho-Ri 3 will join the Supertest first and then will take its place as a Tier X vehicle in the new Japanese tank destroyer branch.

It’s armed with a naval gun. The feature of such an armament is its AP shells that serve as both standard and special ammunition with high armor penetration parameters. The damage per shot is 700 HP. The standard shell has 305 mm of penetration, while the special shell penetrates 360 mm. The accuracy is 0.34 m, and the aiming time is 2.5 s. The reload time is 15.3 s.

Effective frontal armor of the hull and superstructure reaches 300 mm, and the durability is 2,000 hit points. The gun depression angle is -7 degrees. The vehicle’s top speed is 35 km/h, while its specific power is 15.2 h.p./t with a view range of 400 m.

The Ho-Ri 3 has a huge silhouette, which means it has a very low concealment coefficient.  This limits the situations when you can stay unseen after an ambush on the enemies.. However, thanks to its good frontal armor and gun, it can play both at medium and short distances, providing support to allied heavies. Also, keep the following in mind: Its low speed makes it unable to react quickly to changes in battle and switch flanks, so you need to plan ahead your routes. Due to weakly armored lower glacis, you need to hide it using the terrain and objects on the map.

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