WoT ST: Changes to Murovanka


Balance changes were made to the Murovanka map aimed at fixing an imbalance. The imbalance is the consequence of previous fixes that were aimed at removing toxic, strong positions on lines 1 and 2 on the lower team side. Before Update 1.18, the lower team had advantage on lines 1 and 2, while the upper team dominated in the woods. After 1.18, the positions on lines 1 and 2 became equal, while the upper team still dominated in the woods.

  1. A TD position was improved in square J9.

  1. Vegetation was added and terrain was changed for firing more conveniently in squares G8–F8.

  1. The position in square F8 is now more protected due to changes to the terrain.

  1. The spot was improved in square F9. Vehicles now don’t need to be afraid of taking damage from the central hill.

  1. Vegetation was removed for a better line of fire at the positions, respectively, in squares D0 and F0–G0.

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