WoT RU: Stun Mechanic Changes

Artillery is perhaps the most discussed vehicle class in World of Tanks. Any changes regarding these vehicles are of concern to absolutely all tankers. How will update 1.20 affect artillery? First of all, the mechanics of the stun will change: now it will become more predictable and understandable.

What will change with update 1.20

First change: The stun can no longer be stacked. To be as useful to the team as possible, gunners are better off either choosing different targets instead of one, or waiting for the stun to wear off. Shooting at already stunned vehicles will only make sense to deal damage. At the same time, the reward for vehicles that were stunned by allies to deal damage will increase by ~7%. The Extra Stun option will no longer appear in interfaces.

In addition, now during the stun, this is an exact figure, regardless of how much damage the projectile did. Previously, the stun time was calculated according to a certain formula, and the effect itself depended on many variables. It was actually impossible to calculate how long the stun from an already flying projectile would last. But now you know exactly how long the effect will last, which means you can calculate whether it is worth taking certain actions in battle.

In this case, the duration of the stun can be reduced using the equipment installed on your vehicle. So, for example, the Spall Liner has an additional parameter that reduces the effect of the stun on the crew: -10%/-15% – depending on whether the equipment was installed in a specialized slot.

Also, the stun no longer affects allies, and this opens up opportunities for new strategies.

Another innovation is the disabling of damage to your own tank. It will not work ahead of schedule to go to the next battle with your own projectile. So defend with dignity and to the end!

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The change will also affect special modes, where damage to allies is disabled. For example, you can safely use an artillery strike in the “Onslaught” mode near you, without fear of getting a stun. In statistics, including post-battle, the wording “Stun” has been replaced with “Disorientation”. However, if the enemy was stunned by artillery, mines or bombers, he still sees the inscription “crew stun.

Reworked stun time for self-propelled guns

The changes shown in the table below (by our calculations) should not change the average duration of the stun – we plan for them to remain at the same level.

  • USSR
  • Germany
  • USA
  • France
  • UK
53-OF-500 SU-5 3.9 – 6.5 4.6
53-OF-531 SU-122A, SU-8, SU-14-1 6.6 – 11 7.7
53-OF-551B S-51, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, 212A 11.5 – 23 16.1
F-600D Object 261 11.6 – 29 20.3
F-625D S-51, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, 212A 12.6 – 28 19.6
Spgrgr 18 Hummel, Grille 6.3 – 10.5 7.3
Sprgr L Sturmpanzer I Bison, Sturmpanzer II, Grille 3.96 – 6.6 4.6
Sprgr G Hummel, GW Panther 9.6 – 16 11.2
SprgrG 31 GW Panther 9.9 – 18 12.6
Spgrgr 18 GW Tiger (P), GW Tiger 12.6 – 28 19.6
Gr. 18 Stg GW Tiger (P), GW Tiger, GW E 100 12.4 – 31 21.7
HE M101A1 M12 10.45 – 19 13.3
HE M102 M41 HMC, M44 6.24 – 10.4 7.3
HE M101M4 M12, M40/M43, M53/M55 11.5 – 23 16.1
HE A1M1 M40/M43, M53/M55 12.6 – 28 19.6
HE M146 T92 HMC 14 – 35 24.5
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OE ml. 1917 AMX 13 F3 AM 6.3 – 10.5 7.3
OE M101M4 Lorr 155 51, B-C 155 55,
B-C 155 58
12.15 – 27 19
OE ml. 1956 AMX 13 F3 AM, Lorr 155 50,
Lorr 155 ml. 51
11 – 22 15.4
HE 80lb Mk. 3 Crusader SP, FV207, FV3805 12.1 – 22 15.4
H.E Mk. V FV207, FV3805 12.5 – 25 17.5
H.E Mk. 1D FV3805 12.6 – 28 19.6
H.E Mk. 18 Conqueror GC 13.2 – 33 23.1

Specifies the duration of the stun on an enemy that has no mods, equipment, or gear that affects the duration of the stun.

Revised Campaign Challenge Conditions

The change in the stun mechanics directly affected personal combat missions performed on artillery. Firstly, in the conditions related to stunning, it is now indicated that they are performed exclusively on self-propelled guns.

Secondly, the very conditions of tasks for artillery have been revised. This applies to all campaigns. Reduced the stun time (reduced by ~20%) required to complete the missions, as well as the number of stuns per battle if it was necessary to stun 5 or more vehicles. So if you haven’t got your reward tanks yet, it’s time to try again.


In update 1.20, the stun mechanics will become more understandable and predictable. But we will have to reconsider the usual model of playing artillery. Players, especially on slower machines, will be more comfortable playing their role on the battlefield. Artillerymen, on the other hand, will need to choose different targets, not concentrating on one tank. This approach will help distribute the fire of the SPG and provide support for the allies on the flanks. And mutual support in battle is the key to a guaranteed victory.

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