WoT RU: Flamethrower Tanks

We are ready to share information about the new mechanics in World of Tanks. These are the support tanks we talked about earlier. Already guessed? That’s right, today we’re talking about a 🔥 flamethrower 🔥.

We present to your attention two vehicles: XT-130 (USSR, SPG, Tier II) and Object 156 O (USSR, SPG, Tier VIII), added for testing.

Both machines are classified as self-propelled guns. Due to possible errors in the work of the matchmaker, they cannot be added as a new class. 

How does the flamethrower mechanic work?

The flamethrower’s firing mechanics allow you to hit targets behind small obstacles and fire at short distances. When it hits an enemy, the damage dealt does not depend on the armor penetration value — the flamethrower mix removes durability points at the moment of contact with the main armor of the tank. The damage dealt directly depends on the thickness of the armor where the fire mixture hit.

This is what makes flamethrowing tanks dangerous for lightly armored vehicles, and, conversely, ineffective against heavily armored targets.

Flamethrower tank Object 156 O (USSR, self-propelled guns, tier VIII)

Tier VIII premium self-propelled flamethrower. Its main feature is the use of an automatic flamethrower as its main weapon.

Due to the strong frontal armor, the Object 156 O can act as the main breakthrough force in the assault actions of the group. Accordingly, this combat vehicle offers two game tactics to choose from:

  • Move behind the heavy tanks of the allies, systematically providing fire support to push through the enemy defenses and forcing the enemy tanks to leave their covers.
  • Lead the actions of medium tanks in storming a weakly fortified defense sector. The high speed qualities of the tank will make it possible to accomplish this task.
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  • Flame thrower range: 150 meters. 
  • Consumption of fire mixture in a salvo: 10 liters.
  • Stun time: 12 seconds.
  • Flamethrower jet flight speed: 80 meters per second.
  • Crew: 3 people (commander, gunner, driver).

Flamethrower tank XT-130 (USSR, self-propelled guns, tier II)

A flamethrower tank based on the serial researchable T-26 tank. Outwardly, it is an almost complete copy under study. In other words, this is the same T-26, on which a pneumatic flamethrower is installed instead of the usual gun.

Due to the weak survivability and low firing range, the XT-130 cannot act as an independent combat unit. The best tactics on this vehicle would be to support allies or an ambush game, where you can “catch” the enemy at a short distance.


  • Flame range: 100 meters.
  • Consumption of fire mixture in a salvo: 7 liters.
  • Stun time: 7 seconds.
  • Flamethrower jet flight speed: 60 meters per second.
  • Crew: 2 people (commander, driver).

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