WoT RU CT 1.20: Interesting Stun Mechanic Changes

Note that it’s only being tested on the RU Common Test. (previously a few days ago WG tested the Experimental Equipment nerfs on the RU server as well so who knows; maybe WoT RU became the testing bed of these changes)

Overhaul of the stun mechanic

  • Removed the ability to damage yourself in any way (except in modes where the rules allow you to damage an ally).
  • It has become impossible to stun an ally or self in any of the currently existing modes.
  • The stun does not extend if it hits an enemy that is already stunned.
  • The duration of the stun and the effect of the stun on the crew are now fixed values ​​and no longer depend on the amount of damage dealt. However, they may still vary depending on the equipment that was installed on the target machine.
  • The Additional Noise Insulation equipment has an additional parameter that reduces the effect of the stun on the crew (-10%/-15% depending on whether the equipment was installed in a specialized slot).
  • Removed the parameter that affects the duration of the additional stun (because the tank cannot be re-stunned during the previous stun). It will no longer be displayed in interfaces.
  • Increased the reward for the vehicle that caused the stun by ~7% when allies deal damage to the stunned enemy.
  • Removed the minimum stun duration limit. Previously, the stun time could not be less than 5 seconds (if it was less in time, it did not overlap).
  • The wording “Stun” in statistics, including post-battle, has been replaced with “Disorientation”. However, if the enemy received a stun from Artillery, mines, bombers, he still sees the inscription “crew stun”.
  • Campaign task conditions have been revised: all tasks related to stuns can now only be completed on self-propelled guns, which is explicitly indicated in the task conditions.
  • Simplified task conditions related to the total stun time (it is reduced by ~20%) and the number of stuns per battle if it was necessary to stun 5 or more vehicles. This is due to a decrease in the potential stun time for SPGs, the inability to apply a second stun, as well as the reworking of consumables for subsequent updates.
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Decreased maximum stun time for self-propelled guns

All indicated values ​​are relevant only within the framework of the Supertest.

  • USSR
  • Germany
  • USA
  • France
  • Great Britain
53-OF-500 SU-5 3.9 – 6.5 4.6
53-OF-531 SU-122A, SU-8, SU-14-1 6.6 – 11 7.7
53-OF-551B S-51, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, 212A 11.5 – 23 16.1
F-600D Object 261 11.6 – 29 20.3
F-625D S-51, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, 212A 12.6 – 28 19.6
Spgrgr 18 Hummel, Grille 6.3 – 10.5 7.3
Sprgr L Sturmpanzer I Bison, Sturmpanzer II, Grille 3.96 – 6.6 4.6
Sprgr G Hummel, GW Panther 9.6 – 16 11.2
SprgrG 31 GW Panther 9.9 – 18 12.6
Spgrgr 18 GW Tiger (P), GW Tiger 12.6 – 28 19.6
Gr. 18 Stg GW Tiger (P), GW Tiger, GW E 100 12.4 – 31 21.7
HE M101A1 M12 10.45 – 19 13.3
HE M102 M41 HMC, M44 6.24 – 10.4 7.3
HE M101M4 M12, M40/M43, M53/M55 11.5 – 23 16.1
HE A1M1 M40/M43, M53/M55 12.6 – 28 19.6
HE M146 T92 HMC 14 – 35 24.5
OE ml. 1917 AMX 13 F3 AM 6.3 – 10.5 7.3
OE M101M4 Lorraine 155 ml. 51, B.-C 155 55,
B.-C 155 58
12.15 – 27 19
OE ml. 1956 AMX 13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 ml. 50,
Lorraine 155 ml. 51
11 – 22 15.4
HE 80lb Mk. 3 Crusader SP, FV207, FV3805 12.1 – 22 15.4
H.E Mk. V FV207, FV3805 12.5 – 25 17.5
H.E Mk. 1D FV3805 12.6 – 28 19.6
H.E Mk. 18 ConquerorGC 13.2 – 33 23.1
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