WoT: Results of the “Gods of War” Auction Event

Min. bid on EU was: 34,141 bonds
Max. bid on EU was: 100,400 bonds

Auction Tanks:
121B: 7
Carro 45t: 208
VK 72.01 K: 791
116-F3: 1043
Object 907: 3904

Leaderboard Tanks:
121B: 67
M60: 17
T95E6: 373
Carro 45t: 535
VK 72.01 K: 1693
116-F3: 4872
Object 907: 2373

Min. bid on NA was: 22,825 bonds
Max. bid on NA was: 67,079 bonds

Auction Tanks:
121B: 1
T95E6: 19
Carro 45t: 57
VK 72.01 K: 275
Object 907: 829
Leaderboard Tanks:
121B: 7
M60: 12
T95E6: 100
Carro 45t: 87
VK 72.01 K: 310
116-F3: 1301
Object 907: 404

Min. bid on RU was: 25,126 bonds
Max. bid on RU was: 94,164 bonds

Auction Tanks:
116-F3: 2341
Carro 45t: 370
VK 72.01 (K): 2 538
Object 907: 4 657
T95E6: 87
121B: 7

Min. bid on ASIA was: ~25,000 bonds

Accrual of tanks in all regions not earlier than midday.

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