WoT: Referral Program – Premium Rewards for You & Your Recruit

A new season of the Referral Program has arrived, allowing you to enlist new Recruits or to bring back absent Commanders and earn valuable rewards together. Don’t worry if you didn’t finish an ongoing Referral Campaign during the previous season—all progress will carry over.

So grab your Referral link, show your friends the excitement of tank-on-tank combat, and start working towards bonds, days of WoT Premium Account, customizations, Premium vehicles, and more!

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Reward Pool for Commanders and Recruits

In the Referral Program, Commanders and Recruits receive corresponding rewards for completing each of the six stages of the Referral Campaign. The first five stages provide set rewards, while the final stage offers either five Premium vehicles or a choice of credits. This vehicle pool will remain unchanged for future Seasons of the Referral Program.

A Tier VIII Premium vehicle of the player’s choice from the following list: A Tier VI–VII Premium vehicle of the player’s choice from the following list:
VIIIT-54 first prototype VIŠkoda T 40
VIIIT26E5 VIISU-122-44
VIIIT92 VITiger 131
VIIIVK 168.01 (P) or 3,400,000 credits VIIVK 45.03 or 1,900,000 credits

Commanders and Recruits will receive different rewards for the first five stages, as well as different tiers of Premium vehicles, with rewards providing a greater benefit to the player. Whereas bonds are more useful for experienced players targeting better loot, days of WoT Premium Account can help newer players earn more credits and XP, helping them climb Tech Trees. Similarly, Recruits will find it easier to jump into Tier VI and VII Premium vehicles, whereas skilled Commanders will find Tier VIII vehicles more rewarding.

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Referral Program Progression and Earning Points

For the Referral Program 2.0, every Contract between a Commander and their Recruits consists of six consecutive stages: the Referral Campaign. Commanders and Recruits must work together to earn 250 Referral Points to complete each stage. A total of 1,500 Referral Points is required to complete a Referral Campaign. Both players will receive their corresponding rewards for completing each stage, as well as the main reward for completing all six stages.

Referral Points

Commanders and Recruits receive Referral Points for certain actions performed in Random Battles. The different ways of earning Referral Points are all displayed in the in-game “How to Earn Points” interface.

Possible Ways of Earning Referral Points:

  • Causing damage (including damage by assistance) that exceeds your vehicle’s own HP—only available for Recruits
  • Victory—only available for Recruits
  • Earning awards and medals from a select list—only available for Recruits
  • Causing a certain amount of damage for playing in a Recruit-Commander Platoon

Conditions for Earning Referral Points:

  • The Recruit and Commander must rank in the top 12 on their team by base XP earned, whether in a Recruit-Commander Platoon or in a solo Recruit mission.
  • Playing in a Platoon and completing the special missions available to the Recruit will double the Points earned.

Awards and Medals for Earning Referral Points

You can earn 10 Referral Points per battle for obtaining medals in a single game.

Some Recruit missions can be performed independently, while others are only available while playing in a Platoon with the Commander, since Referral Points are shared in one common “piggy bank.” Your progress will be faster in Platoon missions, because solo and Platoon tasks can be performed simultaneously. The Commander has no solo missions, but they can help their Recruits by playing together.

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Commander Bonuses:

  • The Commander only receives bonuses at the end of each Random Battle when playing in a Platoon with their Recruits.
  • Bonuses for playing in a Platoon with Recruits: +50% to XP and +50% to credits.
  • The Commander does not receive referral bonuses for playing solo.

Recruit Bonuses:

  • The Recruit receives bonuses at the end of each Random Battle, both when playing solo and in a Platoon with their Commander.
  • For playing solo: +50% to XP and +50% to credits.
  • For playing in a Platoon with their Commander: +100% to XP and +100% to credits.

Daily Referral Points Limit

It is not possible to earn more than 100 Referral Points per day. This step has been taken to avoid situations in which some players enter a battle and simply do nothing, thereby spoiling the game for other players.


Grab your Referral link and take to the battlefield with a new Recruit or returning Commander at your side. Nothing beats seeing a friend enjoy the game you love, so make the most of this opportunity to show them the battlefield, and earn top rewards in the process.

Roll Out!

World of Tanks offers various signup bonuses to new players, which can include:

Free Tanks: New players can receive free tanks by completing certain missions or by using a referral link from an existing player.

Premium Time: New players can receive a certain amount of free Premium Account time, which provides various bonuses, including increased XP and credit earnings, discounts on tanks and equipment, and more.

Bonus Credits: New players can receive bonus credits to help them get started in the game.

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Personal Reserves: New players can receive Personal Reserves, which provide bonuses to XP or credit earnings for a set amount of time.

To receive these signup bonuses, players need to create a new account and follow the instructions provided during the signup process. It's important to note that signup bonuses can vary depending on the region and time of signup, so players should check the game's official website or in-game notifications for the latest offers.

Additionally, new players can take advantage of various tutorials and training modes available in the game to help them learn the basics of tank combat and improve their skills. These tutorials can also provide additional bonuses and rewards for completing certain objectives.

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