WoT: KV-5, T14, T-45 Premium Shop Offers

The Premium Shop weekend offers have arrived, and they are ready to conduct a symphony of destruction on the battlefield. Unleash the power of steel, speed, and agility on your opponents, with exclusive offers on the VIIIKV-5 , VT14 , and IIT-45 !

 | T14 | T-45

 | T14 | T-45

 | T14 | T-45

Tier VIII Soviet Heavy Tank

The VIIIKV-5 is a true heavy tank behemoth, with a massive 1,780 HP and almost impenetrable armor. Its 107 mm gun packs a powerful punch and has a reasonable rate of fire to chip away at enemy HP. And the 40 km/h top speed combined with 100 tons of steel allows it to charge straight into battle, crushing anything in its way. With its sheer size and resilience, the KV-5 is a near-unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Hit Points: 1,780 HP
Damage per Minute: 2,100 HP/min
Top Speed: 40 km/h

Tier V American Heavy Tank

The VT14 is the perfect fit for those who prefer a heavy assault tank with great mobility. Its quick acceleration and 34 km/h top speed allow you to hunt down enemy medium and light tanks. While the well-armored lower glacis plate and −10° gun depression are ideal for hull-down tactics. Either way, the 110 alpha damage will quickly deplete enemy HP, making this heavy fighter a formidable opponent on any battlefield.

Damage: 110 / 110 / 175 HP
Specific Power: 15.07 hp/t
Aiming Time: 2.06 s

Tier II Soviet Light Tank

The IIT-45 is a great active scout with a fast-firing 45 mm gun, quick hull and turret traverse, and decent maneuverability. Use its speed and agility to become the eyes of the team and the capable gun with high penetration and 783 DPM to keep opponents away. The armor of this low-tier Soviet light tank is relatively thin, so it is best to avoid close-quarter confrontations and support allies from a distance.

  2D style "Polygon Target (KS)" from World of Tanks patch 1.18

Damage: 47 / 47 / 62 HP
Traverse Speed: 52 deg/s
Armor Penetration: 51 / 84 / 23 mm

World of Tanks offers various signup bonuses to new players, which can include:

Free Tanks: New players can receive free tanks by completing certain missions or by using a referral link from an existing player.

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To receive these signup bonuses, players need to create a new account and follow the instructions provided during the signup process. It's important to note that signup bonuses can vary depending on the region and time of signup, so players should check the game's official website or in-game notifications for the latest offers.

Additionally, new players can take advantage of various tutorials and training modes available in the game to help them learn the basics of tank combat and improve their skills. These tutorials can also provide additional bonuses and rewards for completing certain objectives.

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