WoT: K-2 Review – Fitting the Mold – Auction Day 2

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The second vehicle under the hammer is the K-2, a Soviet heavy tank. Clad in very tough armor, this brand-new vehicle is armed with a powerful (albeit inaccurate) cannon that is typical for the nation at this tier and class. Fans of other big-gun Soviet heavies, like the VIIIObject 703 Version II , VIIIIS-3A , VIIIIS-5 (Object 730) , and VIIIKirovets-1 will find the K-2 a perfect fit for their collection.


Armed with a 122 mm cannon, the K-2 is geared for close-quarter combat. The tank’s accuracy (0.42 m), 390 HP of alpha damage, and 6 degrees of gun depression are comparable to other same-tier Soviet heavies that thrive on exchanging blows. However, the challenge comes when trying to land shots on the move or from long range.


Thanks to its sturdy shell, the K-2 can really go the distance. The tank’s very good armor and deep 1,650 HP pool help it take hits. It also excels at angling, as most of the angled upper hull plate is 160 mm. The lower plate reaches 135 mm, but its angle provides an effective 210 mm. The upper side of the hull is protected by 30 mm of spaced armor that’s ideal for keeping HEAT shells from penetrating. Beneath the spaced armor is 160 mm of well-angled armor.

The rounded and well-armored turret will bounce plenty of incoming fire. It does have notable vulnerabilities, though, including patches of 30 and 45 mm armor on the roof. The cupola is also an easy penetration point.

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With the K-2’s slow 30 km/h top speed, it’s best to plan ahead in battle. Its average 13.07 h.p./t. power-to-weight ratio puts it in the same class as the VIIIObject 252U and VIIIObject 703 Version II —just beware of the sluggish 21 deg/s traverse speed and not-so-great ground resistance attributes, especially on soft ground.


Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Improved Hardening

Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer

Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer

Crew Skills


Situational Awareness

Brothers in Arms

Snap Shot

Brothers in Arms

Smooth Ride

Brothers in Arms


Brothers in Arms

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