WoT: Introducing The BZ-58-2 and the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK

Both the BZ-58-2 and the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK are equipped with a permanent Standard Large Repair Kit (costing you no credits) that provides +15% to module repair speed (compared to +10% for common Large Repair Kits).


While this Tier IX tank is a “classic” Chinese heavy, it has a few peculiar traits. The “classic” ones include high single-shot damage (520 HP), a sturdy turret with up to 380 mm of effective armor at the front, and a top forward speed that allows it to keep up with other heavies (35 km/h). Its more unusual features include its –8° of gun depression and accuracy of 0.37 at base, which make terrain-based play a viable option.


Thanks to its good accuracy, the BZ-58-2 can aim at vulnerable spots of enemy armor where the penetration of the basic AP rounds (250 mm) should be enough to do the job. If not, the special APCR rounds with 303 mm of penetration can help. Travelling at 1,250 m/s, these rounds further increase your chances of scoring a damaging hit.

Of course, damage mitigation is the bread and butter of any breakthrough heavy tank, and this is where the BZ-58-2 dominates. The upper glacis plate has only 70 mm of nominal armor, but it’s very sloped and quite bouncy. The sides of the hull have enough armor to make angling possible, but remember to have the lower plate covered to prevent a well-placed enemy shell from sparking a fire. The two cupolas on the turret are also vulnerable, but some wiggling can disrupt enemy aiming, and you can always use a terrain fold to your advantage to ensure that the cupolas aren’t visible to enemies in front of you. When trading damage becomes unavoidable, your 1,900 HP will also come in handy.

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When it comes to your choice of equipment, consumables, and Field Modifications, you may want to increase the top speed of your tank with a Turbocharger and Power Supply Rewiring. And it’s not a bad idea to lower the risk of being set ablaze with Modified Configuration and/or a Fire Extinguisher. A Gun Rammer can also improve your base loading time of 15.1 seconds. Fine-tuning the BZ-58-2 can bring out the best in this simple and effective tank. Of course, if you’re looking for more tactical diversity and finesse, check out the next vehicle.

KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK 

At first glance, this Tier IX German TD with a Siege mode and wedge-shaped hull resembles a high-tier Swedish TD. However, the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK plays very differently: Unlike the Swedes, it can reliably damage opponents in Travel mode, and is quite mobile in Siege mode. This provides you with a broad range of tactical opportunities, and if you learn to use them, you will unlock the full potential of this unique vehicle.


In Siege mode, the base accuracy of the KPz 3 is 0.25, and the base aiming time is 1.5 seconds. That spells a sniper, especially considering that the basic APCR round of its 105 mm gun travels at 1,480 m/s, and the camo values of the vehicle are excellent. Plus, this ambusher can change its position with ease. In Siege mode, its forward and reverse top speeds are 20 km/h and 18 km/h, respectively, and those are just base values.

In Travel mode, the gun of the KPz 3 is less accurate (0.35), but it can fire faster, reloading in 6.8 seconds compared to 9.5 seconds in Siege mode. The top speeds increase to 65 km/h and 25 km/h when moving forward and in reverse, respectively.

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This TD is like a toolbox filled with handy instruments for every task you might face. There are special HEAT rounds with a penetration of 320 mm for breaking thick armor plates. And for softer sides, apply HE shells that inflict 460 HP of damage and can pierce 120 mm, which is outstanding for this shell type. Although just 45 mm thick, the frontal armor is extremely sloped to make enemy shots bounce. But don’t forget the “three calibers” rule: The ricochet trick won’t work against guns with a caliber of 150 mm and up. Finally, in Siege mode, the maximum gun depression is –12°, which allows you to shoot from positions that almost no one else can use.

You have complete say on how to utilize this multi-functional vehicle with two efficient combat modes. Conventional wisdom suggests going into Siege mode while at a distance and using your mobility in Travel mode at the end of battle to finish off opponents at close range (possibly using Auto-Aim). However, with some adjustments to your equipment and Field Modification setup, you can switch and use the high DPM in Travel mode at mid range, and the extreme gun depression of Siege mode for terrain-based play. The KPz 3 is all about interesting choices that can be made both in the Garage and on the battlefield.

Plan Your Acquisitions!

While the BZ-58-2 will cost you 24 Tokens, you’ll need 27 Tokens to acquire the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK. But that’s no reason to worry: You can earn 21 Tokens as Base and Improved Rewards in the Season X progression, and earn 3 more Tokens by gathering the Collection. So, you can definitely make the BZ-58-2 your goal for the Season. Or, since Tokens accumulate over the course of the year, you can save up all your Tokens and grab the KPz 3 right after the next Season starts.

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Set your sights on the new Tier IX reward vehicles, Commanders! 

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