WoT: Experimental Equipment Stats Revised, Giveaway to Resume February 8

Stats Changes

The purpose of introducing Experimental Equipment into the game is to give you more options to fine-tune your vehicles. No single tank configuration is perfect, but Experimental Equipment can help you find the one that suits your playstyle by allowing you to prioritize different stats.

Efficiency-wise, Experimental Equipment at Upgrade Level III should be well below Improved Equipment and just above Bounty Equipment. According to the data, it performed above our projections and we have modified its parameters accordingly, as shown in the table below.

The first value shown is the original one, and the second represents the modified one.

We have not made any changes to the resource cost of Experimental Equipment upgrades and the resource yield of its disassembly.

Giveaway Renewal

The Experimental Equipment giveaway that started on January 20 encountered technical issues and was paused. With these issues sorted out, the giveaway will resume on February 8 after a micropatch is applied, and will last until March 31. Only the players who have not claimed their six pieces of Experimental Equipment and 700 components previously are eligible to receive them.

We have increased the overall yield from the repeatable daily mission, allowing you to earn more components (up to 1,500 instead of up to 1,400). The mission, claimable until March 31 and doable until April 7, can be completed up to five times by any player irrespective of whether they completed it once before the giveaway was paused.


 300 components


  • Deal 2,500 points of damage in Random Battles


  • 1 time per day
  • 5 times maximum

Also, every player (including those who claimed six pieces of Experimental Equipment and 700 components before) will receive 300 more components on their first log-on into the game between February 8 and March 31.

Further Plans

We are keen on making Experimental Equipment fully correspond to its intended function and niche in the game: we will continue to monitor data and player feedback, and make further adjustments to the system if we see they are necessary. In the latter case, we will inform you in advance about the changes planned.

Thank you for your input and see you in the game!

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