WoT EU/NA: List Of Rare Unreleased Vehicles (Possibilities for Auction 2023)

Jagdtiger (H), TL-7, Udarniy:
Last time sold on the ASIA servers in the Autumn Golden Armory Boxes.

UDES 03 Alt 3:
After being tested in 2019 it disappeared for years, around a month ago it got tested again. The state of it is very similar to the WZ-120G FT’s which got released a year ago after being in the game for many years.

Rare tanks that have ~some chance to be in the 2023 Auction (my personal opinion):

WT E 100: It was sold many times on the CN server before.
K-2: Tier VIII Premium Russian Heavy Tank
K-91 Version II: Tier IX Premium Russian Medium Tank
T54 Heavy Tank: Tier IX Premium American Heavy Tank
Object 752: Tier IX Premium Soviet Heavy Tank
Object 590: Tier IX Premium Soviet Medium Tank

SU-122-54: Once was a techtree tier9 Soviet TD.

T95/Chieftain and Chieftain Mk.6:
These were meant to be Campaign Rewards. On EU Server the T95/Chieftain was last seen in 2016.
M48A2/T54E2/T123E6: Basically a tier10 M54 Renegade with a 120mm Cannon. Last seen in 2015 Patch 0.9.10.

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