WoT CT 1.20.1: LKpz.70 K Changes/Historical Reference and In-Game Screenshots

LKpz.70 K (🇩🇪Germany, Tier-10, LT, promotional, mechanics: hydropneumatic suspension)

• The class of the tank has been changed: from “Premium” to “Promotional”.
• Tank health repair cost: from 8,550 to 20,250 credits
• Cost of 1 (APCR) projectile: from 1,200 to 980 credits
• Cost of 2 (APCR) projectile: from 4,400 to 4,800 credits
• Cost of 3 (HE) projectile: from 880 to 660 credits

In 1970, Krupp GmbH investigated the possibility of creating a vehicle with a crew of one to three members, or even a remote-controlled tank without a crew. The basic prototype was supposed to feature an adjustable hydropneumatic suspension with very long rollers’ travel and high specific power. The main armament was a gun with two-plane stabilization. Using a lifting roof over the gun breech provided a depression angle of -10 degrees. The crew was located in the rear and controlled the vehicle using cameras and highly-automated remote systems. The vehicle’s excellent mobility was intended to be its main form of protection. Work on the project was discontinued at the modeling and blueprint stage.

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