WoT CT 1.20.1: Japanese Tank Destroyers Are About to Join the Game!

The new sub-branch consists of six researchable TDs from Tier V through Tier X. Research for these new Japanese vehicles starts from the Tier IV Type 1 Chi-He.

All Japanese tank destroyers have medium frontal armor and high-caliber navy guns that have great penetration values with their standard AP shells. The damage per shot is also impressive. Despite their large dimensions, these TDs are very maneuverable and can turn quickly on the spot. However, formidable firepower and solid frontal armor are counterbalanced by their medium speed, poor concealment values, and mediocre gun depression angles.

Due to the low concealment, you won’t be able to fire without being spotted. But your enemies should be hiding from you, not the other way round! In most combat situations, these vehicles will play the role of powerful support vehicles, assisting heavy tanks on the front line or from the second line of fire.

Branch Composition

The sub-branch kicks off with the Ho-Ni III at Tier V and continues with the Type 95 Ji-Ro at Tier VI. Both vehicles have the hallmarks of the new lineup and feature strong frontal armor and menacing guns.

The next newcomer is the Chi-To SP. This is a classic slow non-turreted TD carrying either a 75 mm or 105 mm navy cannon with decent damage per shot.

The Ho-Ri 2, sitting at Tier VIII, embodies all the finest qualities of Japanese tank destroyers. The frontal armor is even stronger, and it fires more comfortably than its predecessors, as well. You will have a choice of two guns: 105 or 120 mm.

The line’s main features are further enhanced in the Ho-Ri 1, making it extremely dangerous in close- and mid-range combat. This vehicle is based on the hull of the Type 5 Heavy and can be equipped with either a 127 mm or 149 mm gun.

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The top vehicle of the entire branch is the formidable Ho-Ri 3, equipped with a devastating 149 mm cannon. In addition to decent frontal armor, its upper glacis plate is at a very uncomfortable angle for opponents, so hitting it will not be easy. In terms of gameplay, the Ho-Ri 3 most resembles the Jagdpanzer E100, a Tier X German tank destroyer.

We’ll share more details about the Japanese tank destroyers and their gameplay in an upcoming dedicated article. In the meantime, join the Common Test and take these slow but sturdy vehicles for a spin!

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