WoT ASIA/CN: Progetto 46 “Mars” In-Game Screenshots – Auction 2023

“Mars” Progetto 46 (Italy, Tier-8, MT, premium).  is a copy of the – Progetto M35 mod. 46.

Mars 3D Style
A parade modification of the Progetto M35 mod. 46. The exterior contains references to the glorious past of the Roman Empire, with its myths and legends. A reminder of the honored past of the modern Italian tankers’ ancestors is great motivation for self-improvement. Evidence of the greatness of the empire, reconstructions of which adorn this tank, fit nicely with the general style of the vehicle, which can both spearhead an attack like a cataphract and slowly lead a convoy of vehicles during big celebrations.

The description of the tank is taken from the description of the 3D style.

Fictional. Group: Special. price: 100 gold. Tank only: Mars. Maximum per account: 1. ID: 686.

Tank changes for release:
The tank is completely ready for release.

• Added tank tag: “Blocked. appearance”.
• Tech. tank price in 💰gold: 9 900
It has locked customization and a non-removable 3D style.
The tank has no unique distinguishing marks.

Crew 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver mechanic; Loader.
Role in combat: Medium support tank.

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  Screenshots of the Pz.Kpfw tank. IV Ausf. HAnkou in World of Tanks

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