WoT: 116-F3 Review

The X116-F3. This well-armored hard-hitter is a next-generation main battle tank from the late 1970s that is well-suited for offensive play.

Given that its design took inspiration from successful Western tank designs, it’s no surprise the 116-F3 boasts a combination of features that sets it apart from the crowd. It features formidable frontal armor, a high-caliber gun with an autoloader for three shells, and a top reverse speed that will leave opponents in its dust.


When taking the offensive, the X116-F3 packs an impressive punch of 530 HP of damage per shot, making it a force to be reckoned with in short, sharp exchanges or when trading damage. Its firepower doesn’t burn brightest in extended battles, with a 1,908 DPM that falls behind other tanks in its class. Luckily, skilled players who utilize strong positioning can compensate for this and the tank’s longer 5-second intra-clip reload time to outmaneuver the enemy.

The 40-second reload time on an empty clip may be on the longer side, yet the impressive 8 degrees of gun depression give the vehicle a greater level of tactical flexibility. The gun’s 266 mm of AP penetration rivals the values of any other heavy tank, while its 325 mm penetration with APCR shells will pierce even the thickest of armor plates, incapacitating enemies in record time with its 1350 m/s shell velocity.

However, the 116-F3’s gun handling is not without flaws. Its dispersion values of 0.42 m at 100 m aren’t the best, and its aiming time of 2.9 seconds is also on the low side. Accounting for this, the gun is less suited to quick snap shots and more capable in calculated engagements.

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In terms of survivability, the 116-F3 has its ups and downs. With only 2,100 HP, it can’t charge head-first into battle, but it shines with impressive frontal turret armor that can easily bounce enemy shots, and a well-angled frontal hull that offers great protection. Its small cupolas are also difficult to hit, adding to its defenses.

Although some parts of the gun mantlet can be penetrated and the turret ring extends to the side, creating a weak spot when side-scraping, the tank’s high 400 m view range is ideal for avoiding trouble and deciding battles.


There’s less to be said about the tank’s mobility, as its characteristics are something of a mixed bag. Its top speed of 35 km/h is nothing to shout about, but its reverse speed of 20 km/h is only matched by the AMX 50 B. The tank’s power-to-weight ratio is also satisfactory, but its overall mobility profile should be considered when approaching a battle.



Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Improved Hardening Turbocharger Vertical Stabilizer
Improved Hardening Improved Ventilation Vertical Stabilizer

Crew Skills


Situational Awareness

Brothers in Arms

Snap Shot

Brothers in Arms

Smooth Ride

Brothers in Arms

Safe Stowage

Brothers in Arms

If you’re looking for a tank that’s built to take on the battlefield, look no further than the 116-F3, with its unique blend of characteristics. Don’t miss your chance to take your place among the War Gods and get your hands on this one-of-a-kind powerhouse!

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