World of Tanks Supertest: T32M Tier VIII American Heavy Tank

A “new” vehicle has arrived on Supertest today: VIII 🇺🇸 T32M, which appears to be an alternative version of the existing T32.

The vehicle is equipped with a 105 mm gun. It has a damage per shot of 320 HP, and a reload time of 11 seconds in the standard configuration. Penetration is 218 mm with a standard AP shell, and 252 mm with a special APCR shell. The aiming time is 1.7 s, and the gun accuracy is 0.33. These characteristics will make shooting extremely comfortable.

Currently, the vehicle is essentially the T32 with reduced DPM but improved accuracy. If I personally had to guess, I would say this is likely a testbed for some other concept (rather than being intended as its own “unique”/standalone vehicle) — however, nothing has been stated officially at this time.

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