World of Tanks Supertest: BZ-58-2, Tier IX Chinese Heavy Tank

Three new vehicles have arrived on Supertest today (Thursday, 24 November 2022), starting with: IX , which appears to visually mix the Polish 50TP’s turret with a new hull.

To quote the official reveal:

This heavy is armed with a 130 mm gun that causes 520 HP of damage per shot and can penetrate 250 mm of armor with a standard AP shell or 303 mm with its special APCR shell. It has an accuracy of 0.37 m, an aiming time of 3 s, and a reload time of 17.2 s.
However, the vehicle is not particularly impressive in terms of armor. The front turret armor thickness reaches 230 mm, while the hull has poorer protection: 70 mm in the frontal projection. The vehicle’s durability is 2,000 HP. Its top speed is 30 km/h, and the specific power is 13 h.p/t. The view range is 380 m.
The BZ-58-2 is a Tier IX Chinese heavy tank. The vehicle features a well-protected turret and good gun depression and elevation angles (-8 / +20 degrees), allowing you to take advantage of the terrain and use hull-down tactics. The drawbacks of this vehicle will be its maneuverability and long reload time of 17.2 s.

Despite the vehicle’s naming convention, this vehicle does NOT appear to be related to the upcoming line of Chinese heavy tanks with rocket boosters. It is currently unknown what this vehicle will be used for — though, as this does follow the same formula as several previous China-exclusive vehicles (placing the turret of an existing tank from another nation atop a Chinese hull), it is possible this will follow suit. Ultimately, only time will tell, so stay tuned for further info.

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As for the two other vehicles which arrived on Supertest today, these can be found here:

  • Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK, a tier IX German tank destroyer
  • 🇯🇵Type 5 Ho-To, a tier VIII Japanese tank destroyer

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