The first US double-barreled TS-54 tank at the World of Tanks Supertest

TS-54 – new prem double-barreled 8 lvl.

TS-54 (USA, TT-8, prem, mechanics of double-barreled guns) came out today for the WOT supertest.
This is the first double-barreled shotgun for the nation of the USA. Whether we will see a branch of double-barreled guns of the USA is unlikely. Well, after the double-barreled shotgun, we are finally waiting for the wheelers of other nations, it’s time for WG already. It’s time to even make such a branch.

For what and how it will be is still unknown. TTX, appearance and comparison are always in front of you.

Since the TS-54 has mechanics, we will highlight all the fire indicators separately:


  • Loading of the gun: (1/2): 8,15/8,15 sec.
  • Recharge (full/between (shift)/quantity): 16.30/3 sec./2
  • Time to prepare a volley shot: 2.50 seconds.
  • Gun change time: 3 sec.
  • The time of blocking the reloading of guns after a salvo: 6 seconds.
  • Recoil force from the volley: 200

The rest of the firing TTX:

  • Average damage: 280
  • Average armor penetration by Armor-piercing projectile: 200
  • Average armor penetration by a sub-caliber projectile: 252
  • Average armor penetration by high-explosive projectile: 47
  • The speed of goriz. Scope length: 34.42
  • Vertical aiming angles: -8/20
  • Information time: 3.36
  • Spread per 100 m: 0.42
  • Average damage per minute: 2,061
  • Initial flight speed of an armor-piercing projectile: 878
  • Initial flight speed of the Shaped projectile: 1,098
  • Muzzle velocity of a high-explosive projectile: 878

* One of the heavy tank designs submitted to the Aberdeen Proving Ground Commission in 1954. The machine with a classic layout had a paired two-gun installation in a massive tower with a developed aft niche. Both American and British guns were offered as the main armament. The project turned out to be too bold, and the effectiveness and practical justification of such weapons caused serious doubts. They refused to consider the concept, not a single copy was built.

  • Crew of 5 people: Commander (Radio operator); Driver mechanic; Gunner; Loader; Loader.
  • Role in combat: Heavy breakthrough tank.
  • Category of special equipment: Survival.
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