The composition of the illumination, transitions, and details. Czechoslovak Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks

Testing on the ST of this sublight should begin this month. Release: late summer-early fall 2021.

The concept of a new sublight

A drum for 2 shells and 2 TOP guns to choose from (a drum for 2 shells and a cyclic).

The transition to the leeward will start from 6 lvl Škoda T 25:

  • 7 lvl-Vz. 44-1 (Czechoslovakia, TT-7, pumped)
  • 7 lvl-Škoda T 45 (Czechoslovakia, TT-7, prem) | Already in the game
  • 8 lvl-TNH 105/1000 (Czechoslovakia, TT-8, pumped, drum for 2 shells)
  • 8 lvl-Škoda T 56 (Czechoslovakia, TT-8, prem, drum for 2 shells)
  • 9 LVL-TNH T Vz. 51 (Czechoslovakia, TT-9, pumpable, drum for 2 shells)
  • 10 lvl-Vz. 55 (Czechoslovakia, TT-10, pumpable, drum for 2 projectiles) | this will be the 59th pumpable TOP in the game. The tank did not receive new and or improved mechanics.

Switching to a new sublight

Experience on the Škoda T 25 (Czechoslovakia, ST-6, pumped) you can already start saving right now. You will need, approximately, about 57.5 k ex.

A total of 6 new tanks, 4 pumpable and 2 prem machines, one of which is already in the release.

Level 8-10 The Czechoslovak TT has a drum for 2 shells, as well as two top guns to choose from (EVEN for the top): actually, a drum for 2 shells and a regular cyclic gun.
7 lvl TT of Czechoslovakia — this is a transition tank from the ST to the new TT with a drum.

* As always, WG has errors in the video in the names of tanks.

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