T-34 model of 1940 — another clone on the supertest World of Tanks

The T-34 model of 1940 (USSR, ST-4, prem) was released today for testing. Short name of the car: T-34 1940.

This is another clone, a prem full copy of the pumped T-34 tank. You can even not look at the TTX. Ie, as WG likes to do: they took a pumped tank and its TTX was transferred to the prem tank, which is one level less.

* Developed by the design bureau of the Kharkiv Plant No. 183 under the leadership of Mikhail Koshkin. When creating the machine, the designers managed to achieve an optimal combination of the main combat characteristics — firepower, security and dynamics. The T-34 was armed with a powerful long-barreled 76-mm L-11 gun (model 1938-1939), had anti-shell armor protection and had good mobility. According to the totality of combat characteristics, it surpassed all the similar foreign tanks of the initial period of the Second World War. Subsequently, the T-34 tank had a huge impact on the development of the Soviet and world tank building.

  • Crew of 4 people: Commander (Gunner); Driver-mechanic; Radio operator; Loader.
  • Role in combat: Light attack aircraft.

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  Screenshots of WZ-111 model 6 from update 1.18.1 in World of Tanks

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