Small changes of premium vehicles in the second test of World of Tanks update 1.18.1

The “new” M47 Patton Improved tank has a different tech. ID (with a prefix _2) relative to the M Project, which was tested a little earlier (link), BUT their specifications are the same. Ie The client added a new tank is a copy of, where will go M Project – is unknown.

T54 Heavy Tank (USA, TT-9, premium)

Changes relative to the first iteration of the General Test 1.18.1.


  • Cost of 2 (KC) projectiles: from 4,400 to 4,800

M47 Patton Improved (USA, CT-8, premium)

Changes relative to the first iteration of the supertest.


  • Added historical background:
    The M47 Patton Improved is a production M47 Patton II tank with enhanced armor and armament. Additional protection is provided by metal shields on the turret and hull, and a 105mm cannon was installed to increase firepower. Also the assistant mechanics were removed from the crew, having placed on his place additional ammunition.
  • A short description of the tank was added:
    Good armor, powerful gun
  • Added detailed description of the tank:
    American medium premium tank of level VIII. It can be called a “weighted” representative of the family of famous U.S. tanks. The hinged split armor allows you to play in the first line, and a powerful gun with excellent armor penetration copes with all classmates in head-to-head encounters.

BZ-176 (China, TT-8, premium, mechanics: rocket boosters)

Changes relative to the first iteration of General Test 1.18.1.


  • Cost of 1 (OF) projectile: from 1,170 to 1,450
  • Cost 2 (OF) projectile: from 6,800 to 7,200
  • Radius of Engagement 2 (OF) projectile: from 0 m to 4 m

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