Regulations Bonovy auction at the summer event GC “Iron Age” in World of Tanks

On July 18, 2022 at 06:00 (MSK), the summer event at GC starts. Many people want exactly and only a boom auction, which has several times more seats for the second time due to the changes in the rules.

To participate in the BOON Auction, you must collect a special Admission to the auction equipment (previously played 5 battles in the event) in the Workshop from July 18 to August 1. Please note: if you have previously received a car for personal glory points, you will not be able to participate in the auction, even with the admission.

  • The auction will start on August 4, along with the opportunity to exchange personal glory points for prize bonuses and will end on August 18 at 06:00 (MSK).
  • Players can bid on the car in bonuses, but no less than 6,000.
  • Please note: personal glory points can be exchanged for coupons and used in the auction.
  • At any time before the end of the auction the player who placed the bid can cancel it and bid again.
  • At the end of the auction, the players with the 10,500 highest bids will receive the car of their choice.
  • If there is more than one player with the lowest winning bid, the cars will go to the players who made the winning bids earlier.
  • Bets made but not played will be returned to the players.

Comparison and bid data of past clan boom auctions:

“Iron Age (July 2022).

  • Total number of tanks: 10,500

“Confrontation” (February 2022).

Number of tanks: 21 000

  • RU: Minimum winning bid: 40,811 bonuses. Those who bet more received their chosen tanks.
  • RU: Maximum winning bid: 153,431 bonuses.
  • EU: Minimum bet: 38,642 BOON.
  • EU: Maximum bet: 150,000+ bon.
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“Thunder Front (August 2021).

  • Number of tanks: 3,500
  • RU: Minimum bid: 56,594 bonuses. Those who bet more received their chosen tanks.
  • EU: Minimum bid: 60,000 bonuses.

“Age of Rebirth” (January 2021)

  • Amount of tanks: 5 000
  • RU: Minimum bet: 57,272 bonuses. Those who bet more received their choice of tanks.
  • EU: Minimum bid: 57,777 bonuses.

“Battle for Metal” (July 2020)

  • Amount of tanks: 3 500
  • RU: Minimum bet: 50,000 bonuses. Those who bet more received their chosen tanks.

“Dawn of Industry” (February 2020)

  • Cars quantity: 5 000
  • RU: Minimum bid: 35,000 bonuses. Those who put more – got their chosen tanks.
  • EU: Minimum bid: 33,712 bonuses.

“Fire Trail” (July 2019)

  • Number of tanks: 3,500
  • The maximum non-winning bid was 26,105 bon. Those who bet more received their chosen tanks.

“Soldier of Fortune” (February 2019)

  • Number of tanks: 1 500
  • The maximum non-winning bid was 26,910 boons. Those who bet more received the selected tanks.

“Arms Race” (June 2018)

  • Number of tanks: 300
  • The maximum unaccomplished bid (301 entries) was 15,413 boons.
  • Minimum passed bet (300 position) – 15,420 boons.
  • Maximum bid made: 30,000 bonuses.

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