Recovery of sold tanks that can drop in Waffentrager: Legacy World of Tanks

In a few days, on September 26, the mode “Waffentrager: Legacy” 2022 will start, and along with it the sale of “small boxes”. In them, among other things, can fall out premium level 8 tanks. And if you are going to buy Engineer keys and open portals, we STRONGLY recommend you to buy old tanks for silver in case they were sold earlier. For having them in your hangar, you will be compensated in gold if one of the tanks falls out of the portal.

You will be compensated accordingly for the re-drop of a vehicle:

  • [NEW] IX FV4201 Chieftain Proto – 13 000 gold.
  • [NEW] VIII KV-4 KTTS – 7,750 gold.
  • VIII Kampfpanzer 07 RH – 8 200 gold.
  • VIII M48A2 Räumpanzer – 6 700 gold.
  • VIII VK 75.01 (K) – 7 200 gold.
  • VIII ASTRON Rex 105mm – 9 550 gold.
  • VIII M54 Renegade – 9 000 gold.
  • VIII M-IV-Y – 9 500 gold.
  • VIII AltProto AMX 30 – 8 400 gold.
  • VIII Chieftain/T95 – 6 400 gold.
  • VIII Škoda T 27 – 8 700 gold.
  • VIII Emil 1951 – 9 200 gold.

You will get more important gold when a tank falls out of the boxes instead of spending silver for restoration!

All of this should be done before you start opening the Engineer portals. Unless, of course, you are going to buy them at all.

To restore the tank there are 2 ways, but it all depends on how long ago you sold this or that tank.

  1. The first is the easiest and fastest, but the technique is shown here which was sold in the last 2 years:
    • Being in the hangar in the top menu, click on “Storage”.
    • On the left side of the list select the icon “Vehicle in the hangar.
    • Click on the “Restore” section to see a list of rare and premium tanks that you can restore.
    • Select the vehicle you want to restore and click on its image.
    • The restore window will open, where you can select additional conditions: crew upgrade level or purchase a machine without it, purchase an extra slot or load a basic ammo.
    • Click “Restore”. The tank will appear in your Hangar again.
  2. The second way takes a little longer.
    • Click on this link.
    • Create an application and select from the list the tank you want to restore.
    • The request is processed automatically by CPP.
    • All vehicles will be restored without camouflage and with a crew trained to 50% mastery of the main specialty.
    • For each tank you need to create a PERSONAL application.
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** In both cases you MUST have a free slot in your hangar for each recovered tank.

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