Patchcoat of the third general test update 1.18 in World of Tanks

List of changes to OT3 1.18 compared to OT2 1.18 WOT.

Map improvements

[NEW] Outpost

  • D6 quadrant has removed possibility to drop-in vehicles from the side of upper base.
  • On grid D4 ability to drive up the hill on the northwest side is balanced for both teams. Only fast machines that can corner the slope at the expense of speed can take advantage of the approach.
  • In square E5, a bush has been added at the entrance to the central part of the castle to level the playing field.


  • In quadrants E2-F2, the run up the slope on the lower team side has been slightly widened. Extra bushes have been removed.


  • In quadrant E2, the slope relief is further emphasized with texture to improve visibility.


  • In square D8 a relief depression was removed which allowed to safely fire at enemy heavy tanks in the airship zone.

Corrections and Improvements

  • Fixed an error which caused the speedometer of wheeled vehicles to be displayed in the sniper sight when the corresponding function was enabled in the game settings.
  • Fixed the bug which caused the “Minefield” combat skill to be displayed as used by the enemy in the “Steel Hunter” mode tournaments for the Varyag vehicle observers.
  • Fixed visualization of knocked down track belts for the vehicle Object 279 early when the “Track Belt Physics” setting is enabled with the option “Standard” or higher selected.
  • Fixed some interface bugs.
  • Fixed some localization bugs.

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