On the World of Tanks supertest appeared premium Tank Destroyer USA: TS-5

It is today that the WoT supertest, for testing, released the first Prem 2019: TS-5 [USA, TD-8, Prem] (1 iteration). Probably just for sale. Yes, the conveyor’s opening, get ready. The price is still technical. 
* Crew: 4 persons.

By the way, the most interesting thing is that the first new Prem, which went on sale in 2018, was only in March, 2 months after the New year.

In June 1954, in Detroit the conference, which presented six presented several avant-projects improved heavy tanks and SAU. One of the projects, TS-5, represented the ACS closed fixed wheelhouse. The model was made, but the work has not progressed.

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  Screenshots of SMV CC-67 in World of Tanks

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