Official statistics of the World of Tanks 2021 Blogger Battle

WOT Express for the first time publishes the official data of the “Battle of the Bloggers 2021” event, namely the 7×7 mode statistics.
Since you met 1 out of 2 requirements (gain 950 dons) at the end of August, we are releasing these stats.

The data was obtained through the official Battlejourney website (Battlejourney, January 2022), which had stats for 2021 for every tank player who played last year. There was also a separate section on Battlejourney bloggers. Through some simple manipulation we first gathered the full amount of data for each account through parsing, and then began to count the overall statistics.

IMPORTANT: These stats are for the 7×7 BB2021 mode ONLY. The statistics do not include banned accounts, as well as deleted accounts. Also honest win rate was counted, not average.

Open the original photo and see it at maximum quality.

* View in maximum resolution, doc:

  • VK doc:
  • JD:

WE would like to say a big thank you to the data collectors, as well as to the 2 LS subscribers who came up with the idea to do it all.

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