New Unique Crew Members for the 2nd WOT 2022 Summer Auction

Will be part of a special lot for the EU, NA, Asia, CN Warhammer 40,000 regions.

Vitarian [Vitarian] (Germany, crewmember)

Sergeant of the 6th Company of Ultramarines, current commander of the Executioner Repulsor. Particularly enjoys dealing with the spirit of the machine, often employing aggressive tactics to break into the rear, betting on the armor of his own tank and the effect of surprise. Fortunately, outstanding skill and complete fearlessness allow such adventures to take place without fail.

Goran [Goran] (Germany, crew member)

Techno-soldier primaris. Even after being elevated to the rank of Astartes, he hasn’t lost his fascination with heavy equipment he picked up as a child. Has a keen eye for detail. Achieves a level of performance that exceeds standard specifications. He prefers the company of machines to that of his battle buddies, spending all his time in the company of machines and trying to perfect the sacred relationship between man and machine.

You cannot choose a nation when recruiting them!

When recruiting, you can choose:

  • type of machinery and machine;
  • specialty.

These crew members may have their “Battle Brotherhood” skill rolled to zero.

  • No unique voice acting.

* Due to restrictions of the rights holder Games Workshop this collaboration will be released only for EU, NA, Asia, CN regions.

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