Lion – the new ten of Italy with the charging mechanism in World of Tanks

UPD 17:46 (MSC): The correct order of each projectile is set. The fastest DPM will be on 2 shells.

Lion (Italy, ST-10, stock, 4-shot magazine with recharging system).

Yesterday we already briefly described the tank. Today we’ll show you the full specifications.
The tank has the parameter “Premium”, but this will change for the release.

Interesting fact: the developers already talked about this tank 5 years ago in the Developer’s Answer: link.
Even then they said that the OF-40 is too modern for our game, and the early version of the Lion (Leone) fit well into the concept of the game. So we waited for this tank after so many years.

Since the Lion is mechanical, we show its gun characteristics separately:


  • Average damage: 420
  • Average armor penetration with Armor-piercing projectile: 258
  • Average armor penetration with Sub-Caliber ammunition: 323
  • Average armor penetration with high-explosive projectile: 105
  • Total magazine reload: 49.86
  • Reload time between rounds: 5
  • Time to reload the first projectile: 20.13
  • Time to reload the second shell: 7.67
  • Time to reload the third shell: 9.59
  • Time to reload the fourth shell: 12.46
  • Ammunition in the magazine: 4
  • Aiming speed: 54.24
  • Aiming angles: -9/20
  • Contact time: 2.59
  • Range at 100 m: 0.38
  • Average damage per minute: 3,285
  • Armor-piercing projectile muzzle velocity: 1,080
  • Initial flight speed of the Sub-Caliber projectile: 1,400
  • Initial flight velocity of the high-explosive projectile: 1,000

* All T&Cs are listed with a commander’s bonus.
** There is no description.

Crew of 4 persons: Commander (Radioman); Gunner; Driver Mechanic; Loader.
Role in combat: Medium sniper tank.

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