Large Christmas boxes — Lootbox World of Tanks 2019

Wargaming has announced the composition of the loot boxes for this New year! Even in advance, which is not like them at all.
For the first time, you can get a decent 3D styles, but luchboxes 2019! Start of celebration: December 13 at 09: 00 GMT.

If you want to increase the festive atmosphere as soon as possible due to the rare decorations and take advantage of the bonus collections, in large boxes you can find toys of the 5th level, at LEAST 250 gold, and much more! For example, premium tier VIII technique or even 3D styles for tier X machines. 

* Just remember: you will win anyway. After all, items obtained from a large box, have a value equal to or higher than the value of the box itself! 

When buying a large box, you can choose from four holiday collections: 

«New year» 
“Magical New year» 
“Eastern New year» 
After making a choice, you are guaranteed to get jewelry from the selected collection: for example, if you purchased a box from the collection of “Magic New year”, you will receive the appropriate jewelry. 

Each large box contains exactly 4 items, three of which you are guaranteed to know before opening. Among these three items will be:

at least one level V decoration for Hangar decoration, 
another random decoration I-V level,
and 250 gold. 
** Note: if you fall out of the premium machine that you already have, you will receive a gold payment! 

As a fourth item from a large box, you get one prize/something from the following list: 

Game gold (in addition to guaranteed 250) — 250, 500, 1 000. 
Loans-100.000 and 500.000. 
105 leFH18B2 (the tank is sold quite rarely, the last sale we had in August 2018) 
M4 Improved 
KV-220-2 (tank not sold. Came with vibronically or bonus codes from Kaspersky. It was possible to take for BZ in the fall of 2014 in honor of day of the Tankman) 
Turán III prototípus 
E 25 (the tank is out of sale in General. Withdrawn from sale 15 January 2015)
Object 252У Protector (sold rarely) 
The updated is-3 with the MOH (it is unlikely the tank will be sold in the near future, the last sale at RU: May 2016)
Rheinmetall Skorpion G 
But that’s not all! 
If you’re lucky, you’ll get a fifth item — not a box, but a cornucopia! 

  WoT: Minor update on February 2

The fifth item will be a 3D style for one of the specific x-level machines: the style will significantly change the look of the machine and add a standard bonus to the disguise. As rewards from each big box there is a chance to get one of the listed 3D styles: 

– Is-7 looks like a machine capable of fighting in a nuclear war; 
– Grille 15 ready to rush into battle, receiving protection from grenades in the form of nets and grids; 
– Bat.- Châtillon 25 t goes to war among the sand dunes, decorated with cuirass, helmet and sword, 
– T57 Heavy Tank ready to conduct military operations in the heart of the jungle. 

*** Note: These 3D styles will only be available from big Christmas boxes!

The countdown to the start of the “New year’s offensive 2019” has gone.

1. The 3D styles on these four tanks are historical; 
2. If you drop a 3D style that you already have, it will be replaced by the one you have not yet received; 
3. Small boxes can be obtained by performing combat missions, and large boxes can be purchased in the premium store; 
4. The cost of one large box — $ 2, 110₽, 3 BYN, 46₴, 510₸.

World of Tanks offers various signup bonuses to new players, which can include:

Free Tanks: New players can receive free tanks by completing certain missions or by using a referral link from an existing player.

Premium Time: New players can receive a certain amount of free Premium Account time, which provides various bonuses, including increased XP and credit earnings, discounts on tanks and equipment, and more.

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Bonus Credits: New players can receive bonus credits to help them get started in the game.

Personal Reserves: New players can receive Personal Reserves, which provide bonuses to XP or credit earnings for a set amount of time.

To receive these signup bonuses, players need to create a new account and follow the instructions provided during the signup process. It's important to note that signup bonuses can vary depending on the region and time of signup, so players should check the game's official website or in-game notifications for the latest offers.

Additionally, new players can take advantage of various tutorials and training modes available in the game to help them learn the basics of tank combat and improve their skills. These tutorials can also provide additional bonuses and rewards for completing certain objectives.

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