KV-4 KTTS – old/new premium level 8 tank in the World of Tanks supertest

KV-4 KTTS (USSR, PT-8, premium) was released this afternoon for testing in the WOT supertest.
This is far from being a new tank – it’s an old machine that’s lying right now in the game’s client. They just got KV-4 KTTS out, updated the specs for the current random and are preparing it for release by all appearances.

KV-4 KTTS first hit the supertest in August 2015. Tested it on ST and further distributed to supertesters the tank on the basis. To this day, this tank can roll out in battle the old super testers (they have it on their accounts). The last time the tank was changed only the price in gold in 2020.

The tank currently has a very strange cannon with a horizontal angle of elevation of 15° on the left and 45° on the right. In the new iteration of the test this was fixed (became: -45/45). Also, since the tank has a rear-mounted turret, it has a very bad angles of inclination of the gun downwards: -5 degrees.

Characteristics and appearance as always in front of you. For what and how – I don’t know.

The tank is not new, so we compare with its latest version:

KV-4 KTTS (USSR, PT-8, premium)

Changes relative to base 1.17.1.


  • Name of gun: from 107 mm M-75 to 107 mm ZiS-24 KTTS
  • Cost of tank strength repair: from 7,200 to 8,400


  • Tank durability: from 1,200 to 1,400


  • Spread from movement (max): from 0.28 (9.80) to 0.22 (7.70)
  • Scatter from turning undercarriage (max): from 0.28 (7.01) to 0.22 (5.51)
  • Horizontal aiming angles: from -15/45 to -45/45
  • Armor-piercing projectile damage: from 320 to 360
  • Sub-Caliber Shotgun damage: 320 to 360
  • Average Damage per Minute: 2,384 to 2,682
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* All TTKs are listed with a commander’s bonus.

** Heavy PT-SAU armed with experimental 107mm M-75 (ZiS-24) gun, which was mounted on the chassis of projected KV-4 tank. It existed only in sketches.

Crew of 6 persons: commander; gunner; driver mechanic; radiator; loader; loader.
Role in action: Assault weapon launcher.
Special equipment category: Firepower.

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