Join Us for Aquino and Tankfest!

Mark your calendars—we have exciting news! World of Tanks will be at two of the biggest tank events of June 2023: Aquino Tank Weekend in Canada and Tankfest in the U.K.!

World of Tanks at Aquino and Tankfest!

We wanted to let you know as early as possible that World of Tanks will be present at both events! If you can attend in person, you’ll experience amazing demonstrations of a variety of armored fighting vehicles, visit gaming stations and play any World of Tanks in-game vehicles you want, meet staff members, and more. Can’t make it in person? Don’t worry! As with previous years, we’ll livestream the events, so you won’t miss out on the action.

Aquino Tank Weekend

June 9–11, 2023
Ontario Regiment RCAC Regimental Museum
Ontario, Canada


Tankfest 2023

June 23–25, 2023
The Tank Museum
Bovington, U.K.


 Tankfest tickets are selling extremely fast, and players are strongly encouraged to buy them in advance.

Learn More About Aquino and Tankfest!

Want to know more about these exciting events and their respective museums that make them happen? Visit the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum’s Aquino Tank Weekend site or The Tank Museum’s Tankfest site for additional information.

Stay tuned to the World of Tanks portal, as we’ll reveal more about the events in the coming months!

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