IS-3A Peregrine Falcon – full clone of IS-3A in World of Tanks

On the whole, it even looks good. There is no 100% guarantee that this tank will be with us!

IS-3A Peregrine (USSR, TT-8, premium, magazine for 3 shells with recharging) clone with identical characteristics as the IS-3A.
Has blocked customization and not removable 3D style.

* Since it was added directly in the micropatch, a good chance that it will be in the Second WOT Auction.

The machine has a mechanic: a magazine with a reverse recharge.
– If you’ve forgotten what that is, let us remind you. The shell that is recharged first will have the fastest reload, and the subsequent ones will take longer to recharge. For maximum DPM, you first fire the full first loaded magazine, and then shoot only the first loaded shell.

Peregrine Falcon 3D style.
The first projectile is a sharp beak, the second projectile is a tenacious claw, and the third projectile is wing strength. This Soviet heavy tank with a magazine refill system is capable of flying into enemy ranks and, like a bird of prey, swiftly turning a gaping target into easy prey. Premium armor and dynamics allow the tank to confidently perform any task on the battlefield, forcing the enemy to constantly look around: it’s possible that a peregrine falcon has already flown in after it.

Fictional. Group: Specials. Can apply stage decals. Tech price: 3000 Gold. Only for the tank: IS-3A Peregrine Falcon. Maximum per account: 1. ID: 654.

Changes which received the tank to the release:

* The tank is fully ready for release.


Added tank tag: “Zablock. appearance”.

Removed tank tag: “Secret”.

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The price of the tank in Gold: from 100 to 11 000.

** Description is the same as the IS-3A.

Crew of 3 persons: Commander (Radiator, Loader); Gunner (Loader); Driver Mechanic.
Role in combat: Heavy breakthrough tank.

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