How many drawings do you need for the new branch of heavy tanks of Czechoslovakia in World of Tanks

A new branch of the Czechoslovak TT will soon appear on the supertest. In the meantime, you can save up drawings from the Battle Pass for a quick and almost free upgrade of the branch, without spending experience. Here are all the calculations from the subscriber, if you are too lazy to count yourself.

In total, you will need from level 7 to 10:

  • 408 universal fragments.
  • 126 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

Vz. 44-1 (Czechoslovakia, TT-7, pumpable)

  • 64 universal fragments.
  • 24 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

TNH 105/1000 (Czechoslovakia, TT-8, pumpable, 2-shell drum)

  • 80 universal fragments.
  • 24 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

TNH T Vz. 51 (Czechoslovakia, TT-9, pumpable, 2-shell drum)

  • 120 universal fragments.
  • 30 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

Vz. 55 (Czechoslovakia, TT-10, pumped, drum for 2 shells)

  • 144 universal fragments.
  • 48 national fragments of Czechoslovakia.

* For those who do not have enough drawings for pumping all Czech TT, it is recommended to put them in reverse order. Starting from 10 LVL! To save free experience or leveling time.

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