Gothic warrior – imba Vz. 55 GW in World of Tanks

Vz. 55 Gothic Warrior (Czechoslovakia, TT-10, stock, 2 round drum). A clone with identical characteristics as the Vz. 55, but with a single gun for 2 shells in the drum.
Has blocked customization and not removable 3D style.

* Since it was added directly in the micropatch, a good chance that it will be in the Second WOT Auction.

3D-style “Gothic Warrior”.
A decent tank should be decently decorated. Rolled armor is great. But what about wrought iron? Medieval smiths and gunsmiths surely knew a lot about metalwork, hardening, casting and forging. Modern craftsmen all over the world still learn from their work, so why not combine two masterpieces in one – exquisite monograms and Czechoslovak heavy tank with a magazine for two shells, which can change the course of any battle? And let every shot it fired be repelled by the enemy… with a bell ringing.

Fictional. Group: Specials. Can apply stage decals. Tech. price: 100 gold. Only for tank: Vz. 55 Gothic Warrior. Maximum per account: 1. ID: 663.

Changes which received the tank to the release:

* The tank is fully ready for release.


  • Added tank tag: “Zablock. appearance”.
  • Removed tank tag: “Secret”.
  • Price of the tank in Gold: from 5 to 22,500

** Description is the same as Vz. 55

Crew of 4 persons: Commander (Radioman); Gunner; Driver Mechanic; Loader.
Role in combat: Heavy breakout tank.

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