Gonsalo – visual clone and difference in specifications from Caliban in World of Tanks

Gonsalo appeared on the supertest in April 2022 and in May 2022 could only be found by players in the China region in the “Trade Caravan” event. Visually, the tank is VERY similar to the Caliban, except for the reduced thickness of the gun.

Technically, the tank differs in its gun, it is cyclic than the Caliban – the drum. Also Gansalo has slightly more engine power and better other mobility features.

Here are the main differences of the two tanks from each other:

Caliban -> Gonsalo


  • Drum – Cyclic gun.
  • Gun Caliber: 152.4 mm – 120 mm


  • Timing of firepower: 4,10 – 3,20
  • Range at 100 m: 0.58 – 0.45
  • After Shot Dispersion: 6.00 – 4.00
  • Range of motion (max): 0,38 (12,54) – 0,25 (9,25)
  • Scatter from turning undercarriage (max): 0,38 (11,89) – 0,25 (7,82)
  • Scatter from sight rotation (max): 0,20 (4,60) – 0,08 (2,24)
  • Ammunition: 25 to 50
  • Ammunition types: OP, BB(Special) – BB, OP(Special), OP


  • Max forward speed: 33 – 37
  • Max. speed in reverse: 12 – 15
  • Engine power: 750 – 850
  • Power density: 18.44 – 21.11
  • Horizontal translation speed: 23.00 – 28.00


  • Overview: 370 – 380

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