Drainage of a new promotional level 10 tank from the EU server World of Tanks

Lion (Italy, ST-10, action, 4-shot magazine with recharging system). 28 new promotional ten on the account in the game client. The tank will have a drum recharging system, but with very strange numbers of shells reload.

The fastest DPM will be ONLY if you play on the third shell. It’s unlikely that there will be a new imba, but such strange tanks are scary, because only in the last week this is the second Frankenstein.
What it will be for is a possible reward for the event/vent.

Looking forward to Lion this week at the supertest.

Since Lion is with mechanics, we show his gun specs separately:


  • Average damage: 420
  • Average armor penetration by Armor-piercing projectile: 258
  • Average armor penetration with Sub-Caliber ammunition: 323
  • Average armor penetration with high-explosive projectile: 105
  • Reload time between rounds: 5
  • Time to reload the first projectile: 13
  • Time to reload the second shell: 10
  • Time to reload the third projectile: 8
  • Time to reload the fourth shell: 21
  • Shells in the magazine: 4
  • Angles of approach: -9/20
  • Take-off time: 2.7
  • Range at 100 m: 0.4

* All specifications are without commander’s bonus.

** No description.

Crew of 4 persons: Commander (Radioman); Gunner; Driver Mechanic; Loader.

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