CS-52 C – new premium tank with engine mode change mechanics in World of Tanks

CS-52 C (Poland, CT-8, premium, mechanics: engine mode change) was released this afternoon for testing on the WOT supertest.
The tank has engine mode change like the top Polish ST-10 CS-63.

We’ve been waiting for a long time for a tank with this mechanics as a prime in the Polish branch, but it didn’t come with the ST release, but will come out only now, after 2 years.

Characteristics and appearance as always in front of you. For what and how – still unknown.

TTX which is affected by the change of engine mode:

The first value is normal mode/second value is speed mode (i.e., when you change mode, some of the tank’s TTX improve, others deteriorate):

  • Time of transition to high-speed mode: 2.5
  • Time out of high-speed mode: 1.5


  • Time of separation: 2.59 / in turbo 3.36
  • Range of motion (max): 0.12 (6.00) / in turbo 0.45 (31.50)
  • Scatter from chassis turning (max): 0.12 (5.51) / in turbo 0.45 (20.65)
  • Scatter from sight rotation (max): 0.14 (7.30) / in turbo 0.30 (15.65)


  • Max forward speed: 50 / in turbo 70
  • Max. speed backwards: 17 / in turbo 25


  • Invisibility of machine in motion/post-fire: 13.17%/2.75% / in turbo 8.84%/1.85%
  • Vehicle unseen in motion/post fire mode: 17.56%/3.67% / 11.80%/2.47% in turbo

* All performance characteristics are specified with commander’s bonus.

** There is no description of the tank.

Crew of 4 persons: Commander (Radioman); Gunner; Driver Mechanic; Loader.
Role in combat: Medium tank multipurpose.
Special equipment category: Mobility.

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