Char Mle. 75 – a new unique tank with 2 mechanics simultaneously in World of Tanks!

Char Mle. 75 (France, LT-9, premium, six-shot drum, mechanics: change engine mode) was released this afternoon for testing at the WOT supertest.
This is the first tank with two mechanics in the game. The tank has an interesting drum and engine mode change like the top Polish ST-10 CS-63.

How will such a tank be played? We honestly don’t know, but it looks interesting. We want to see more such vehicles using different mechanics on one tank.

Tell you a little bit about the mechanics of the drum itself, as it differs from our usual drums in the TOPs.

If your tank is in normal mode then:

  • Shells in the drum: 6
  • Fires shells at a single press of the button: 3 with a reload between shells in 0.4 seconds.
  • Shells in the drum: 2 clicks of 3 shells and reload between clicks in 3.5 seconds.

If your tank is in turbo mode then:

  • Shells in the drum: 4
  • Fires shells at a single click on the button: 2 with reload between shells in 0.6 seconds.
  • Shells in the drum: 2 clicks of 2 shells and reloads between clicks in 3.5 sec.

* What happens if you go from normal to turbo mode when reloading the drum? We don’t know.

Characteristics and appearance as always in front of you. For what and how – we do not know yet.

Fire Performance.

Char Mle. 75 (France, LT-9, premium, drum for 6 shells, mechanics: change engine mode).

The first value – normal mode / second – high-speed mode (ie, when you change mode, some of the tank improved, others deteriorated):

  • Time of transition to high-speed mode: 1
  • Time out of high-speed mode: 3
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  • Reload between rounds: 0.4 / in turbo 0.6
  • Shells in Drum: 6 / Turbo 4
  • Shells in turn: 3 / turbo 2
  • Sight translation rate: 67.79 / turbo 20.86
  • Time of fire: 2.40 / 2.88 in turbo
  • Scope deflection from the reticle rotation (max): 0.04 (2.71) / turbo 0.3 (6.26)
  • Divert after shot: 2.00 / 8.00 (turbo)
  • Dispersion on damage: 1.60 / 2.00 turbo


  • Max forward speed: 55 / in turbo 78
  • Max. speed Rear: 20 / Turbo 45
  • Engine power: 1,000 / in turbo 1,400


  • Overview: 390 / in turbo 370
  • Parameters only by gun in normal mode – 100 mm SA47 mle. 75:


  • Average damage: 250
  • Average armor penetration by Armor-piercing projectile: 200
  • Average armor penetration with Sub-Caliber ammunition: 240
  • Average armor penetration with high-explosive projectile: 53
  • Total Drum Reload: 44.05
  • Reload between rounds: 3,5
  • Ammunition in cylinder: 6
  • Ammunition in clip: 3
  • Cartridges in the drum: 2
  • Sight translation rate: 67.79
  • Aiming angles: -8/15
  • Contact time: 2.4
  • Range at 100 m: 0.34
  • Average damage per minute: 1,831
  • Armor-piercing projectile muzzle velocity: 1,050
  • Initial flight speed of the Sub-Caliber projectile: 1,350
  • Initial flight speed of high-explosive projectile: 800

** All specifications are given with commander’s bonus.

***Tank description is missing.

Three-man crew: Commander (Radiator, Loader); Gunner (Loader); Driver Mechanic.
Role in combat: Light multipurpose tank
Special equipment category: Observation.

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