Changing vehicles in the General Test 1.18.1 World of Tanks

All changes relative to the last iterations of the technique on the supertest.
Changed only the localization and added text (description), no changes in the specifications!

Lion (Italy, ST-10, stock, 4-shot magazine with recharging system)


  • Removed the ability to install equipment: Gun docker (Class 2)
  • Added historical reference:
    In the post-war years, Italy set out to produce licensed products. The country successfully mastered the production of the Leopard 1 and M60 Patton. At the same time, the development of its own combat vehicles continued, albeit on the basis of foreign models. The debut model was designated Lion. Despite the similarities with the Leopard 1 and Leopard 1A3, it differed significantly from them, especially the turret. The first tests were conducted in 1977, but the tank was not put into mass production. After the release in 1978 of the more advanced Leopard 2 it was considered obsolete. Nevertheless the Lion became a landmark vehicle and the experience gained during its development proved useful in developing other armored vehicles for series production.
  • A short description of the tank has been added:
    Comfortable gun, recharging system
  • Added detailed description of the tank:
    Italian stock X level medium tank. Looking at the Lion, you can notice the features of German postwar vehicles. The tank has a powerful and accurate cannon, as well as a magazine recharging system, which allows it to be incredibly effective in supporting allied fire.

Object 283 (USSR, CT-9, premium)


  • Added historical background:
    Object 283 was a medium tank design developed by VNII-100 in the mid-60s. It was intended to create a machine with a cast hull, a centrally mounted power plant and a stern mounted fighting compartment. There were also plans to install a stereoscopic spotting scope. The work did not progress beyond the design stage.
  • A short description of the tank was added:
    Low silhouette, good armor
  • Added detailed description of the tank:
    Soviet medium premium level IX tank with rear-mounted turret. Good armor and sturdy sides of the machine make it possible to reverse the outcome of the battle, while surprising the enemy with incredible survivability. The low silhouette and comfortable cannon layout allows ambush tactics in open terrain with adequate cover.
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T54 Heavy Tank (USA, TT-9, premium)


  • Added historical background:
    Design of an American medium tank, later reclassified as a heavy tank, based on the production M48 tank of the first half of the 1950s. It developed an original turret and began work on equipping the vehicle with a power-assisted loader system, which was abandoned shortly thereafter. Soon the rest of the work was abandoned at the prototyping stage as well and preference was given to other promising projects.
  • A short description of the tank was added:
    Very good EOR, high one-time damage
  • Added detailed tank description:
    Heavy American tank of the IX level with a familiar for the U.S. technique silhouette and classic combat missions. The T54 Heavy Tank stands out from the other tanks of this kind due to its very comfortable surface-to-air ratio, which gives a possibility to take the most advantageous positions on the map.

Char Mle. 75 (France, LT-9, premium, drum for 6 shells, mechanics: change engine mode)


  • Added historical background:
    Development was underway in 1975. The machine was equipped with hydro-pneumatic
    suspension, as well as support rollers, which were actually wheels. In this sense, the Char Mle.75 crossed over with promising French armored vehicles. The turret, as was fashionable at the time, had the lowest profile possible. As a result, the entire crew was at hull level. The tank was intended to be extremely compact and highly agile.
  • A short description of the tank was added:
    Mechanics of firing in bursts, gas turbine engine
  • Added detailed description of the tank:
    French light premium tank of the IX level. Has two distinctive features: a gas turbine engine and a mechanics of shooting in bursts. Because of these features the machine perfectly performs the role of a mobile scout and hunter of enemy light tanks.
  • The cost of tank strength repair: from 7,125 to 12,500
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WZ-111 model 6 (China, TT-8, premium)


  • Added ability to install equipment: Gun dozer (Class 1)
  • Added historical information:
    The 111 heavy tank was designed in the early 1960s. The machine was based on the designs of the Soviet IS-2 and IS-3. It itself was to be an analogue of the T-10. In addition to this, the Chinese designers managed to get hold of the developments on the ČKD turret of the Czechoslovak heavy tank of the late 1950s, which they tried to use in one of the design versions.
  • Added a short description of the tank:
    Good armor, comfortable gun
  • Added a detailed description of the tank:
    The hull of the Chinese WZ-111 provides good all-round armor and not bad for a TT mobility. The turret of the Czechoslovak Vz. 51 gives excellent forehead protection and the ability to mount a comfortable 105mm cannon that combines speed and good one-shot damage. The tank is most effective in short- and medium-range confrontations.

CS-52 C (Poland, CT-8, premium, mechanics: change engine mode)


  • Added ability to install equipment: Medium anti-shattering rebound
  • Added historical reference:
    To replace the T-34-85 machines, Poland was developing a new medium tank using the available achievements of the Soviet school of tank building and original solutions. One of the possible variants included a 100mm gun in the turret of a CS-52, however in 1968 the production of T-55 tanks was launched in the country and the work on the new project was stopped. Not a single specimen was produced.
  • A short description of the tank was added:
    Versatility, gas turbine engine
  • Added detailed description of the tank:
    Polish medium premium tank of level VIII, which is an alternative version of the CS-52 LIS with a gas turbine engine.
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