Changes on the map “Studzianki” in World of Tanks

Did this map have any big problems?

These edits are based on 1 patch. For the WoT supertest, these changes were released on September 9, 2022.

Studzianki map:

  1. The “factory part” has been expanded. Added shelters on both sides and a new “balcony” firing position (squares D5-D6 respectively).
  2. Intermediate shelters in the form of hills were added (squares D3 and D8) between the base and the factory part on both sides. These positions will be useful when retreating from the “factory” part of the map.
  3. Houses have been added in the central ravine to balance the sides (squares H5-H6, G5-G6).
  4. The village portion on the K-line has been expanded. Revised the topography (heavily) and added new positions in the ravine along the map border.
  5. In squares K1 and K0 (corners of the map on the green) the amount of vegetation has been reduced.

All changes are shown in detail in the video for 2 minutes.


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