Changes on the map “Pass” in World of Tanks

After thousands of years, we waited for the edits of this map. BUT! Are these cosmetic changes from the mappers enough so that the “Pass” ceases to be imbalanced. Spoiler: no. The rest is shown in the video.

These edits based on should be expected in about 1 patch (winter update 2022). For the WoT supertest, these changes came out August 4, 2022.

Pass Map:

  1. At the climb to the ravine, the terrain has been slightly changed to make it easier for TTs to converge.
  2. Near the bridge, the ability to exit without taking damage has been added on either side.
  3. For the lower base near the bridge removed unnecessary vegetation, interfering with the orientation of the direction, but not affecting the gameplay.
  4. On the water exactly in the middle added 2 stones.
  5. Reduced the height of the hill of the lower base.
  6. Removed part of the hill, making it easier for the lower team to separate, as well as opening a small shot from the PT position similar to the other base.
  7. Increased the depth of the lowland to make it easier for the lower team to roll out.

All changes are shown in the minute and a half video.

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