Changes on the Aerodrome and Fisherman’s Bay maps in World of Tanks

The airfield has undergone a very big redesign!

These based edits should be expected in about 1 patch (winter update 2022). For the WoT supertest, these changes were released on August 11, 2022.

Aerodrome Map.

  • The central area has been redesigned to improve the gameplay experience on heavily armored vehicles. “Shelves” on the sides have become slightly larger and now allow you to play from multiple positions.
  • Added a move from the central hill to the TT direction in the middle of the map.
  • Improved positions for light tanks, increased variation on the direction (airstrip).

Fisherman’s Cove map.

  • On the side of the upper base changed the approach to the city part. A safe driveway to the central city area has been added, and the main positions have become more comfortable to play “off the board”.
  • Changed the structure of the houses in the central quarter of the city area and covered the shot from the center of the upper base along the main road in the city.
  • In the city, the bushes were removed from the lower base, and the house angle was changed to prevent long-range shots into the central quarter. In the F9 quadrant, the corner of the structure that could be played from has been changed. It is now made similar to
  • the object on the opposite side.
  • In the central part of the map (on both sides) added a few houses to increase the survivability of the technique.
  • On the side of the lower base (in the center) added bushes and terrain for safe rolls along the central flank (similar to the upper base).
  • On the side of the upper base (in town by the boats) the bushes were removed and the shooting range was covered.
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All changes are shown in the large video comparison at 4 min.

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